Summer of Plunder Oak & Iron Update

Oak & Iron players rejoice! We are beefing up objectives and rewards for all Oak & Iron players! Jason Klotz, creator of, the awesome new Oak & Iron fan site, has joined with Firelock Games, Tales of the Sail, The Plunder Den and Blood & Pigment to participate in the 2022 Summer of Plunder event!

Timber and Sail is an awesome fan site for Oak & Iron and should be a great boon to players around the world. We’re honored have them on board in this Summer of Plunder campaign. Maker sure to check out the site if you haven’t yet. Its both well designed and full of great content.

Timber & Sail has both improved the weekly campaign objectives for Oak & Iron players, and offered up some generous end-of-campaign prizes specifically for Oak & Iron players. Let’s check out the new weekly objectives. Fulfilling the weekly objectives will earn you and your nation extra campaign points, basically doubling your efforts!

Remember these are only the Oak & Iron objectives, For a list of the Blood & Plunder and Oak & Iron objectives side by side, visit the Campaign Home Page.

  • Week 1 – May 30-June 5Scouting Party – Play a small game of 50 points or less
  • Week 2 – June 6-12“Sloop Wars!” – Include a Sloop in your force
  • Week 3 – June 13-19“Tales of War” – Share a Battle Report (4+ pics and 100+ words) on the Oak&Iron Facebook Group (or in your submission if you don’t use Facebook)
    • If you don’t use Facebook, include your report in your submission
  • Week 4- June 20-26“Damn the Shoals” – Sail over a Shoal (successfully or not)
  • Week 5 – June 27-July 3
    • “Employ the Locals” – At least two of your ships must take the “Additional Crew” ship upgrade
  • Week 6 – July 4-10“Gentlemen of Fortune” – Your squadron must include all 3 ships from the “Gentlemen of Fortune” boxed (also featured in in Core Boxed Set) – A Sloop, Petit Frigate, and Corvette.
  • Week 7 – July 11-17A New Frontier” – Use a Landing Party during the game.
  • Week 8 – July 18-24Tiny Wars – Oak and Iron games count as double!
  • Week 9 – July 25-31Support the Merchants – Play a game at your Local Game Store
  • Week 10 August 1-7Include at least 1 Ship of the Line in your Force (or Queen Anne’s Revenge if Pirates)
  • Week 11 August 8-14Play the Plunder Scenario TBA
  • Week 12 – August 15-21Flotilla – Play a 200 pt game
  • Week 13 – August 22-28The Undying Vessel – Use at least 1 Repair and 1 Rally action during the game on a single ship.
  • Week 14 – August 29-September 5Men of Legend – Include a Level 3 Admiral in your Force (or Level 2 if your Faction doesn’t have one).

These correspond well with the Blood & Plunder objectives, so there’s still continuity and a shared experience with the Plunder players.

More Loot!

Timber And Sail added more loot to the already large prize pool! You can win ships and custom Wake Tokens for helping build up the helpful community content on the new Gallery section of the website.

We’re excited to have additional support for Oak & Iron in this campaign. We love the game (Dan especially), and we’re excited for Jason’s new Timber and Sail online presence. Oak & Iron players gear up! The campaign is in full swing with over 40 submissions within the first two days, but only a handful of those submissions are Oak & Iron games.

You can find all the preliminary campaign information on the campaign home page on Blood & Pigment and you can submit your games here using the online submission form. There will be weekly update posts throughout the summer on Blood & Pigment in addition to updates from Firelock Games, Tales of the Sail, The Plunder Den, and Oak & Iron’s own Timber and Sail!

As a final parting shot, I’ll drop in the current campaign statistics (5/31) after two days of war in the Caribbean.

The Spanish and English have come out of the gate strong! You French, Dutch, and Pirate players have some catching up to do. Get gaming!

3 thoughts on “Summer of Plunder Oak & Iron Update

  1. Looking forward on the schedule for next week, I see the “Bark Wars” and have shifted to “Sloop Wars”; what happened? Been re-fitting my Barks the last two week in prep. Thanks.

    • Bark Wars is still on! This list is the Oak & Iron objectives (they have no Bark) which is parallel. See the campaign home page for the master list of both Oak & Iron and Blood & Plunder objectives.

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