Final 2021 Campaign Newsletter

Campaign Newsletter 18th of September, 1690

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World Campaign 2021: Summer of Plunder

A Pirate Victory

By Guy Rheuark

After a three month campaign, the Brethren of the Coast managed to eke out a win by only two games. This campaign was close to the very end, with us receiving 17 entries on the last day alone, and everyone of them, from a dedicated player trying to push their Nation to victory.

The final tally puts the Brethren of the Coast at 49. Sharing second place is France and the Dutch Republic with 47. In fourth place is Spain with 44. England fell to fifth with 39, after leading much of the campaign. In sixth place, after a surprising push towards the top, is Native America with 28. Sweden is next with 19, followed by Scotland and Portugal.

To everyone who sent in an email, Thank You. It has been amazingly fun to watch the community come together like this. I hope you continue to read Blood and Pigment, and look forward to future events.

Finally the Grand Prize winner of a painted pirate Sloop is Liam Smith. I am in the process of bedecking it in Pirate flags. Fifteen other players have also won our participation prizes of an Organized Play pack and a random blister, and are being contacted! Firelock Games has also generously supplied eight people from the winning faction with prizes!

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Photo Credit: Joseph Forster

Photo Credit: Liam Smith

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Final Standings

A word from the Aristocracy

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From Mike Tuñez

I would like to thank our noble lords (and the pirate) for the excellent work they have done running this campaign and for their generosity with their time and coin to the great benefit of our community. Also of course, all ye all ye pirates, privateers, caciques, and landsmen for participating and making this campaign a smashing success! I love the great community this game has brought together and I look forward to seeing the next cool thing you guys all come up with!

Attention all buccaneers, freebooters, pillagers, looters, pirates, logwood cutters, corsairs, and ne’er-do-wells. I have a glorious announcement! After consulting with the leaders of the major powers and tallying up how many entries submitted, I would like to announce that…..WE WON! It was close though, with both the insufferable French and perfidious Dutch close on our heels! Alas, they proved to be worthy opponents and we were able to prove ourselves as the greatest force on the seas from Carolina to Panama! The prize winners will be announced in our next newsletter, in which the leaders of the other powers will say their pieces, and give everyone w final sendoff. Thanks to everyone who participated and I look forward to seeing who wins some fancy Firelock loot!

-Thankfully, gracefully, and appreciative-ly,

The Boyar

Photo Credit: Joseph Forster


08 September, 1692

People of the Dutch Republic,

A notorious pirate has been captured! Jack Blackheart was apprehended when he stole treasure right in front of my personal ship. He and his cowardly crew attempted to flee, but we quickly overtook and boarded them, capturing the notorious pirate and much of his crew, as well as his ship. He has been placed on a Dutch Navy vessel and sent back to the Republic for proper trial. I’m sure that will be the last we hear of him.

Unfortunately, rumors are that several more pirates have begun operations in our area. Though we have not heard any new names as of yet, I doubt any of them will become great enough to stop our great fleets or become legends in their own right.  The pirate threat is under control, and we will soon be the proper masters of the Caribbean.

Jan Van Meteren

Dutch Governor

From the Wigwam of Sachem Go Siph Pho Stir

Chiefs and Braves of the Five Nations and Various Allied Nations,

We have failed to fight. But that was the entire plan all along! Let the white man kill the white man. Let the pirates raid the towns and settlements of the English, French and Spanish. Let them destroy each other while we build our strength for next time. Next time we will show them who owns the land and who is the true warrior. Next time…

Joseph Forster

A shout out to David Boeren and Adam Johnston for playing several Native games.

Photo Credit: Joseph Forster

New Fan-Made Rules for Oak & Iron

Photo Credit: JJ Cherrison


Roddare: All ships with Yare gain Sweeps.

Shallow Draft: Role one fewer dice (to a minimum of 1) when testing to run aground.

Snap Decisions: All ships in formation gain Skill 1, as long as they do not have Skill 1 or higher.

The Swedish and Pirate player JJ Cherrison has made Oak & Iron rules for the Swedish. With these rules, and the rules for the Danish and Portuguese, almost all the Peripheral European powers that had a navy at the time have rules to play them in Oak & Iron! Here is his explanation of the abilities the Swedish get, by JJ Cherrison.

Roddare: This was a common way the Swedish would fight in naval warfare.

Shallow Draft: I added this because when boarding the Swedish were careful about running aground.

Snap Decisions: I put snap decisions because the Swedish were known as having quick actions in naval warfare.


Comics Corner

By Mark Stigter


More Pictures from the War

Photo Credit: Adam Johnston

Photo Credit: Wesley Bartholomew

Photo Credit: Billy McIntire

Photo Credit: Simeon Turner

Photo Credit: Colleen Swader

Photo Credit: Dan Carlson

Photo Credit: Josh Levalley

Photo Credit: Garrett Swader

Photo Credit: Derek Taylor

Photo Credit: David Boeren


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