The 2021 Global Campaign Grand Prize

Global Campaign 2021: Summer of Plunder

The Grand Prize Winner

By Guy Rheuark

In all its glory, here is the Prize Sloop, with custom flags of the winning nation: The Pirates.

For the Jolly Roger ensign I used a variation of Calico Jack’s standard, as it is my favorite, fun to paint, and pleasing from a distance. The pennant was originally going to be black and white, but looked better just black.

I used the dried paint of the flag to shape it, instead of my usual methods. It looks great on the quilted sails.

The main mast pennant looks simple, but took a while to finish. It is held up with glue and paint instead of just paint, so it should stay up for a long time.

To mark this as a prize I documented it on the bottom of the sloop. I’ve won a few tokens before that were unmarked, and wanted this sloop to have some proof of what it represents.

As most people who use elastic rigging know, the ship is collapsible as long as you do not glue the masts in.

I hope you enjoyed this quick look at the completed Grand Prize! I don’t have any details to share for future events, but keep an eye out as we enter 2022.

I also have a quick shout-out to Seamon’s Custom Sails for providing these sails for the Prize. They are one of a kind. Seamon’s Custom Sails is open for orders by contacting me (Guy Rheuark) on Facebook or emailing

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