Global Campaign Newsletter II

Campaign Newsletter 24th of June, 1690

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World Campaign 2021: Summer of Plunder

A Week of War

By Guy Rheuark

It has been the second week of the campaign, and the war has been truly joined. While France is in the lead, it is the narrowest of leads, with England, Spain, The Dutch Republic, and The Brethren of the Coast all ready to claim victory. This week has been especially tumultuous for me, because every day a new Nation was in the lead, as detailed by Glenn Van Meter and Tom Mullane in their article (That you can read Here).

Players have also started completing Secret Missions, with the Governors, such as myself, sending out supplies to those that carry out our orders, or in some cases fulfilling a whim just by trying new things.

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Here is how the Campaign looks right now.



An Important Letter has been Received

The Boyar’s Desk, Week II

Ahoy Brethren!

Before getting into this week’s news, I have a bit of an announcement! Until further notice, we will be allying ourselves with the Natives! King Go Stiph Pho Stir and myself believed it would singe the beards of the English, French, Dutch, and Spanish if we were to join swords, spears, bows, and muskets togather! What this means is that every Brethren game submitted will count as ½ of an entry for the Natives, and vice versa. If ye be playing larger games as any Brethren Faction with another player (think 2v2) as Natives (or vice versa) there may be a prize for those two players! So, welcome our Native Brethren to our ranks with open arms and filled tankards!

As far as the war goes, it seems that my motivational speeches worked! As of this writing (June 23rd) we are in the lead! My *only* complaint is the lack of French Prizes for me to tally! I know most of us aren’t learn-ed, but we *do* know what a French Flag looks like, right? No matter, we are winning so I’d like to thank you all for helping us get the lead!

Shout out to the Wontolla Games Store for helping some newe recruits get their sea legs (pictured below)!

Now, as per me last newsletter, I requested a Weenie Roast in exchange for prizes! Seeing as I haven’t seen one yet, I’m extending the contract another week! If any of ye think ye got something that qualifies as a Weenie Roast, submit it to the campaign, and direct message me on ye olde Facebook! I have another contract for ye scurvy dogs! The clue is “Timber!” The same rules apply as the previous contract. Once one of these is completed, I’ll drop a hint on the Blood and Plunder Facebook group for another contract! Remember, an event or situation that may be looked upon as a “Weenie Roast” or “Timber!” is what I’ll be looking for!

Last bit of business, Spain is on the rise, and we can’t be having that. I want all ships to attack Spanish targets and send them down to kiss the crabs on the ocean floor! Any victories against Spain may be shouted out on the Facebook page for both Blood and Plunder and Blood and Pigment by yours truly! Anybody who manages to capture the Spanish Treasure fleet (Oak and Iron) or capture a Treasure Galleon (Blood and Plunder) will be rewarded!

Fair winds, fat prizes, and good rum me beauties!

Dan Carlson, Boyar of the Brethren



After Action Reports

Some captains have decided to write about their experiences in the war.

Photo Credit: Paulina “Viluir” Popielak

Saturday, 21 VI 1690

Bloody pirates! They’ve captured the governor’s daughter! This is a mission of the greatest importance! Captain Morgan is gathering his forces together with the English Pirate Hunters. Together we will crush the united forces of the pirates and the local tribe – the people responsible for the kidnapping! They thought they would hide safely deep in the jungle. Not this time! Just before sunset we surrounded their positions. The vicious pirates had somehow delivered the cannon here! But a force of pirate hunters took care of them. The braves distracted the united forces of pirates and the local tribe. Captain Morgan took advantage of this to sneak up on the enemy’s rear. As soon as the opponents realised that they were going to lose – they started to run away with the governor’s daughter. Right under the musket barrels of Morgan’s men! The battle was bloody for my dear fellow pirate hunter, but we won!

Captain Paulina “Viluir” Popielak

Photo Credit: Manuel Ortega

Capita’s log Or day 12

Finally, we reached the Spanish brigantine.

We were greeted with steel and fire.

What a wonderful day to hunt.

The wind changed in favor of our prey, with dead sails we entrusted the rotation of the ship to our strong men and their oars, a situation that the enemy took advantage of, advanced to position all their cannons and opened fire, we had some casualties and the rudder broke However, the ship held out.

With blood staining their bodies and revenge guiding their actions, the sailors managed to turn the ship, placing our cannons in the direction of the opponent; We did not wait, we made our shot that managed to set the Spanish ship on fire.

With the chaos, we took the opportunity to repair the rudder and took advantage of another wind change to get ahead of the opposing ship.

We managed to get close enough that our rifle shots slowly but steadily eliminated the enemy cannon operators one by one.

The dam managed to put out its fire and make one last cannon shot, but it was too late, its crew was already less than half.

We are aware of the strength of the Spanish spears and swords, we did not give them the satisfaction of using them, the rain of bullets devastated every man who breathed on deck.

Today was a good hunt.

Captain Manuel Ortega



Photo Credit: Max Beck

I look forward to seeing how things will continue to change, and I hope to see your entries as well!

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