Halloween Scenarios for Blood & Plunder

Here is a collection of Halloween scenarios for Blood & Plunder that have been published by either Firelock Games or Blood & Pigment over the years.

2017 Treasure Haunt Scenario

One of the first special scenarios published by Firelock games, this scenario lets 2-4 players hunt for haunted treasure. Prepare for you men to be attacked by spectral units that are hard to get rid of!

2020 Tokens of the Dead Casualty Rules

Blood & Plunder Casualty Marker of a Musket unit

This fan made expansion provides some special rules for using the Casualty Tokens available from Firelock Games.

2022 Ghost Ship Scenario

This scenario lets 1-2 players try to gain control of a derelict ship. Units must fight their superstitious natures and catch and “clear the ship” to gain a valuable prize.

2023 Predator Mini Expansion

This larger document contains special unit, faction, and equipment rules to play a Yautja Hunter in Blood & Plunder.

A Predator hunter at night by firelight

There are two scenarios, one inspired by the Prey move where a band of Native Americans is battling a Predator.

The second scenario is a plunder retrieval scenario were a band of pirates have to pick up treasure (possibly booby trapped) while the Predator has to kill their bravest men and take a trophy.