Easy Terrain – Large Pine Wood

Terrain is an important part of Blood & Plunder and it’s something I can’t manage to stop collecting! A nice variety of terrain options makes your games interesting and fresh.

You can make a lot of your terrain and making something yourself makes your gaming table unique. You can often save some money making it yourself but sometimes spending a bit more to get a piece of terrain that’s ready to go is worth it. Right now I have too many minis to paint so I’m not getting much terrain built!

I recently picked up this product from Gale Force Nine’s Battlefield in a Box line and I was happy enough with it to give a short post here.

This box from Gale Force Nine contains 5 pine trees of 2 different sizes, one stump, a 8″x11″ painted oval forest floor base and a couple small bags of static grass to add to the base if you want.

The only work necessary is gluing the trees to the stumps and adding grass to the base which is optional (and I chose not to do).

Just put a drop of white glue on this wire and insert it into the pre-drilled hole in the stump.

The two larger trees are about 8″ tall and the smaller ones are around 7″.

This grove of trees will really break up your battlefield as it blocks line of sight and is considerably taller than most terrain items likely to be on your board.

I like the base under the trees. For ease of rules, you can count everything inside that base as in cover and then you can feel free to pick up and move the trees to get your models into the stand of trees and not worry about getting them exactly back where they were.

Not too sure how I feel about the stump…

Here’s the Pine Forest in a small solo game I set up. Pine trees are appropriate for many locations in the New World, all the way from the South Pacific, to the Caribbean to all through the Northern American mainland.


I found you can store the assembled trees and the base in the box. The trees might get a little bent but being wire, you can always straighten them out again. Like most trees, these shed a little bit of fluffy green material.

If you’re looking for a ready-made large piece of terrain to break up your battle board, this might be perfect for you! You can readily find this entire “Battlefield in a Box” line at your local game store or order them on Amazon (at a markup over MSRP as I write this…).  At $25 it’s not a insanely cheap piece of scenery but it’s not a bad price. I might pick up the “Small Pine Wood” set as well.

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