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Characters are a fun part of Blood & Plunder and it’s always good to find a miniature to play the part. Firelock made a nice pack of minis to cover several of the special characters made available in No Peace Beyond the Line but it only has minis for 4 of the many characters you can bring with a force.

I try to stick with Firelock models as much as possible but I’m happy to pick up some supplements from other companies once in a while. I know it expensive for a company to sculpt and make minis for minor characters like these. I hope Firelock fills out their selection of minis for their characters one day, but for now I’ll be watching for minis to fill in some holes in their line.

I’ve found some fun models in the Warlord Games line that have worked for Standard Bearers and Musicians.

A helpful B&P player posted a link to these Foundry Miniatures characters in the Blood & Plunder Facebook group and I ordered them and got these priests painted up for my Spanish force.

This set of 6 minis includes 2 priests/spiritual leaders, 2 musicians and 2 standard bearers. They’re 28mm metal minis and while they’re fairly close to Firelock size, they’re smaller, even “double based” after gluing them to Blood & Plunder bases. But they’re close enough to look fine!

I have to mention that the standard bearers in this pack don’t come with any flags. The description doesn’t mention that so I was disappointed. I’ll have to find some flags to put in those empty hands! If anyone has a source for 28mm flags, I’d be thankful!

I could have cut the original base and glued them to 20mm Firelock base but I decided to leave the original base on. This helps with the size discrepancy and it helps them solidly connect to the new base.

I dipped my toe into using Contrast Paints on these models, using a Contrast brown for the main robes.

The style of these minis is more cartoony and less realistic than Firelock models but they are OK. They have lots of character! One looks like a zealous con man and the other looks like a reluctant and timid Spiritual Leader. I guess I can use the zealot and offense and timid guy on defense.

These minis obviously represent catholic priests so they aren’t historically accurate for many factions in this game but they’re perfect for the Spanish.

I tend to build forces with the models I have available as my phobia of proxies subconsciously controls my force building. I’ve never used a Spiritual Leader in a force and now I can!

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