Completed Enter Ploeg

I got another set of 4 Dutch Enter Ploeg finished so I can run a nice set of 8 in a list now. I used a unit of 4 in some demos last week but a full 8 models will make them pretty deadly.

I tried to work a little more yellow into the color scheme here to make them look more “Dutch” but I probably should have added some orange as well. Next set…

The Enter Ploeg are deadly. I’m really impressed with them in gameplay. They’re strange because coming in a 6 points, they’re expensive for artillery crew and they don’t have any muskets so they can’t take potshots before closing to short range like the French and English Forlorn Hope and Les Enfants Perdus. But they’re Veteran, cost less than the Forlorn Hope and the Blunderbuss gives them a little extra punch long with their explosives.

In my demo games last week, that small unit of Enter Ploeg decided a couple games. Even with one model left, the ability to reliably have a couple actions and be able to throw those Firepots or Grenados (Firepots in our demo), is so strong and reliable.

Once you get 8 models together, the sheer number of dice they start throwing is pretty great. At 4″ they can get 6 dice of the explosives (either at 8’s for Firepots or 7’s for Grenados), 4 “exploding dice” for the 2 Blunderbusses, and another 4 dice for the pistols (which don’t need to be reloaded! That’s 14 dice out of 8 models with potential for more with exploding 10’s! And they can shoot without reloading (excepting the Blunderbusses). These guys aren’t messing around.

The Enter Ploeg are Dutch models but they can be used by the majority of the major European naval faction. The English and French Buccaneers, the Armada de Barlovento, the Ostend Privateers, all the seagoing Dutch factions, English Pirate Hunters, French and English Royal Navies and Spanish Corsairs can all included this unit in their forces!

I plan to play a good bit of English Buccaneers this year and for now I see the Enter Ploeg coming along as my Support unit in most cases! Looking forward to playing these guys more and getting another set painted so I can run a unit of 12!

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