Warlord vs Firelock Minis

One of the recurring questions on see on the Blood & Plunder Facebook page is “How do Warlord minis from Pike & Shotte compare to Firelock minis?”.

So, here you go. This is how they compare.

Pike & Shotte mini in the center.

They’re a little smaller. That’s about it. Warlord minis vary in scale a tiny bit (like most lines of minis), so some comparisons are more noticeable than others.

The commander model is nearly the same scale and one of these days I’m going to paint it up to use as an alternate commander sculpt. Maybe I’ll even take him through a campaign.

Firelock mini in the center

The basic soldier with a musket is around a half head shorter than Firelock models.

I considered using this figure with the halberd as a grizzled veteran or some other character, but he’s considerably smaller.

These metal Armored Pikemen seem like a good mini for the European Pikemen available to most militia factions but again, he’s noticeably smaller.

The Warlord cavalry is considerably cheaper and you can pose figures to make some variety but again, the horses are a lot smaller. I love the massive space the Firelock models take up on the board. These metal horses make the Warlord horses look like ponies.

I have the Pike and Shotte Starter Box and I’ve assembled about 40 minis but for now, I think I’ll stick with using Firelock models for Blood & Plunder. The size difference is large enough to bother me. The base size is another consideration. The Pike & Shotte bases are oval and smaller than Blood & Plunder bases. This makes it easier to pack more models into a deck of a ship (which is illegal) and it makes them really tipsy on the game board

If you were to use minis from the Pike & Shotte Line, I’d say the command sprue is the best place to start. The commander is noticeably larger than the standard Warlord mini and this sprue also contains a musician and standard bearer. I’m confident Firelock will release minis for these characters at some point but if you’re impatient, these figures could fill the gap for you.

With different arms and equipment variations, you can make several different styles of figures from this sprue. You will be left with some gaps to fill (or ignore) after you attach the arms.

I recommend sticking with Firelock minis but if you’re hungry for some variation or need some cheaper filler minis, the Warlord minis can sneak into a game without being too obvious.

2 thoughts on “Warlord vs Firelock Minis

  1. I have never understood why people worry about miniature size differences, in real life people come in all shapes and sizes. Horses do as well.
    I plan on running some warlord as well as Northstar miniatures in my B&P force.

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