Adepticon 2024 – Blood & Plunder Sea Tournament

The Blood & Pigment team (and friends) will be running the various Blood & Plunder events at Adepticon in 2024. You can find the full list of events here. Below are the event details for the Blood & Plunder Sea Tournament at Adepticon 2024.

The 4-page tournament packet is available here. Once you’ve read the rules and build your force, you can register for the event and submit your Force List Near the bottom of this page (you must also purchase a ticket for the event on the Adepticon website).

Sea Tournament Date, Time, and Place

The Blood & Plunder Sea Tournament at Adepticon will be Saturday, March 23rd, 5-11 pm at the Hyatt Regency Hotel, 1800 E Golf Rd, Schaumburg, IL 60173. Please note that all historical miniature games are at the secondary location, NOT the main convention center with the vendor hall. Free shuttles are available and run every 15 minutes or so.

Required Experience Level

Blood & Plunder tournaments are fairly casual affairs, but you do need to know the basics of the ruleset to enter this tournament. Obviously, we want to be welcoming and friendly and some tournaments have allowed brand-new players to enter, but that has caused various issues. However, for this tournament, you need to have played at least once and know the basics of the ruleset. It isn’t fair for your opponent if they have to teach you how to play and spend a significant part of the tournament round understanding the basics. This causes delays and an inability to win a round or complete objectives which can affect their ability to win the tournament.

If you are just getting into Blood & Plunder and haven’t got a full game in yet, you can still register and participate in this tournament, but you ALSO need to register (and show up) for a learn-to-play session on Friday at 1pm, or Saturday at 1pm or play a demo with one of our Quartermaster crew (if available).

We want to include everyone who wants to participate, but we also want a ensure a good experience for ALL players! Help us make that happen and thank you for understanding this change from last year.

Sea Tournament Force Size

This will be a “standard” 200-point tournament. You can create your Forces using the free Blood & Plunder online Force Builder to assure accuracy.

French force from Holly Hayden

Lists may use all current Blood & Plunder publications including:

  • Blood & Plunder Core Rule Book
  • Blood & Plunder Revised Rule Book
  • Blood & Plunder Rule Book from the Blackbeard vs. Maynard Two-Player Starter Set
  • No Peace Beyond the Line
  • The Buccaneer’s Companion Vol 1
  • Fire on the Frontier
  • Raise the Black

You must follow all standard force-building rules including all current errata. Cannon rules will be those in the Revised Rulebook/Two Player Starter Set Rulebook. If you don’t have access to either of those books, you can find the current Artillery Chapter here.

Sea Tournament Scenarios

This tournament will play out over three Swiss rounds. The scenarios for each round will be:

  1. Breakthrough
  2. Control the Field
  3. Take and Hold

You can find details for all these scenarios in your basic Blood & Plunder Rulebook.

Rules for Breakthrough at Sea

Round Time Limits

Each of the three rounds will be 100 minutes. Additional details on round length and timing are in the tournament packet.

What You Need to Bring to the SeaTournament

  • 200 Points Blood & Plunder for a Sea Game, including ship and miniatures
  • Enough d10s to roll for all tests your force might make
  • Reload, Fatigue, and Critical Hit dice or markers
  • Ship Card and Dry Erase Marker
  • Fortune Tokens of some sort
  • 2 Hard Copies of your Force List
  • Blood & Plunder Rule Book
  • Measuring Tape
  • Activation Deck
  • Good sportsmanship!
Blood & Plunder Fatigue Dice, d10 dice, coins, and cards on top of the rulebook

Tournament Scoring

The 3 players with the most Tournament Points after 3 Swiss Rounds will be declared winners. If there is a tie in Tournament Points, the Strike Point Differential number will be used to break the tie. Additional details for tournament scoring can be found below.

Winners of the 2023 Adepticon Sea Tournament (and Mike Tunez)

Tournament Points [TP]

A player who wins the Scenario is awarded 3 TP, while a player who loses is awarded 0 TP. In the event of a draw, both players will receive 1 TP. Tournament Points are used to determine the winner of the Tournament
(and final standings) with ties broken by Differential and Strike Points (SP), in that order. The Round Reporting Sheet has a place for the players to record if they earned a win, loss or draw, as well as the number of Strike Points each player gained.

Strike Points [SP]

The players will also report the total number of SP that they gained and gave during the game.

Strike Point Differential

The TO will note the Difference [DIFF] between the players’ SP at the end of the game when the Round Reporting Sheets have been collected. The player with the lower SP score receives a Differential equal to the negative value of that difference, while the player with the higher SP score receives a Differential equal to the positive value of that Difference. [Example: Jonathon beats Mike with 3 Strike Points to 1. Jonathon gains 1 SP and a DIFF of -2 while Mike gets 3 SP and a DIFF of 2.] For the sake of clarity, negative numbers of DIFF are good, and high numbers of SP are bad.

Tournament Prizes

Winners of the 2023 Historicon Tournament (and Mike Tunez)

There “will *should* be Adepticon-provided medals for the top 3 players, in addition to some Firelock loot or gift certificates.

  1. $100 Gift Certificate
  2. $50 Gift Certificate
  3. $25 Gift Certificate

There will also be a special consolation prize for the player coming in last in the tournament.

Preparing for the Sea Tournament

As you prepare for the tournament and decide on your tournament force, you may enjoy reading our series on the various approaches to competitive force building for sea tournament games.

Register for the Sea Tournament

You have to register for the event on the Adepticon website, but it really helps us if you register here as well, The more forces we can preapprove, the faster we can get going at the start of the tournament.

Sea Tournament – Adepticon 2024

Tournament Packet

Here is the full tournament packet that contains all details, plus the round recording sheet, and a force roster you can fill out by hand if you prefer that to the online Force Builder.

Final Thoughts

This should be one of the biggest, if not THE biggest Blood & Plunder tournament of the year! We’re going to unofficially call Adepticon the World Championship Blood & Plunder. You don’t want to miss the World Championships! See you there.

If you have any questions regarding the tournament or any Adepticon events for Blood & Plunder, you can contact us at Blood & Pigment here.

blood and plunder brigantine with a Reformado model on the bow

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