Pirate Call to Arms – 2023 Summer of Plunder

Pirate Faction Divider banner for Blood & Plunder

Ye beware,

To all those landlubbers…the scourge of the Caribbean and eastern seaboard of the Americas has arrived! Shipmates, it’s time to take back what is ours…that’s everything. By holding our strong points in Tortuga, Nassau, Cayman Islands, St. Thomas and Rhode Island, we’ll bring down the pain to those scared Spanish, the fleeing French, the disinterest Dutch and those bastard British! The Natives…well, we’ll have to contend with them and maybe offer a better life against all flags…or not!

Our area of operations may look tough, but the weakened European powers are busy fighting with each other; which gives us a nice sail to raid and occupy! Hold strong and stay consolidate to overwhelm the enemy. Let’s make them regret they sailed into our playground.

Your reward and recognition to boost your reputation will be with several prizes throughout the campaign. At random about every two weeks I will reward reinforcements (a plastic sprue from the Sailors Box) to the highest scoring captain in their efforts to control our area of operations.

Further, additional rewards will be given to those captains who add a bit more flare by playing with the most new legendary Pirate captains in their games.

What is a captain without their ship, so let’s look at the best looking Pirate ship using either design from the new Bermuda Sloop ship models. Making mods to your ship as oppose to the “out of the box” is encourage.

Bermuda Sloop painted by Robert McFarland

You can even doll them up with some cool flags from the Firelock web site….hint hint…I like flags!

Finally, for the most victorious (scoring) Pirate Captain by campaign end, they will be rewarded with an Exclusive Pirate Captain Don Gregory de Padilla Figure & card, painted by yours truly. The model came from the Pirates of Legend plastic box set with a small mod (bottle). In addition you’ll get a 3D resin printed set of scatter terrain (barrels, crates, etc.).

So “Raise the Black”, prepare your men, ready the guns, and keep your powder dry!

Don Gregorio “Redmist” Padilla

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