Spanish Call to Arms – 2023 Summer of Plunder

Saludos de Nueva España,
Brave men and women of Spain, to arms! As the summer winds approach, we must embark on a new mission for the glory of our sovereign and our God. Heretic invaders have challenged our stewardship of this New World given to us by the pontificate. I urge you to not rest on our labors of the past when we were so close to victory. If we band together and use our resources wisely, we will prevail.

For too long we have endured the supposed dominance of the English and Pirates. This is the year of the Spaniard! Glorious victory is not all I offer. For those of you that show wit determination and prove your reputación you will be rewarded!

Every few weeks of the campaign season I will give reinforcements (one sprue from a plastic box) to the person who shows me their valor (most points for the week/weeks). Additionally, there will be very special prizes for the players who play the most Spanish factions during the campaign.

Spanish Prizes! (Fort and Objectives will be unpainted)

Prizes include replica 17/18th century bags/pouches to uses as a dice bag or fortune coin bag, and a replica 18th century playing card deck to use as an activation deck. Additional prizes may be announced if the treasure fleet gets through to Havana.

There will also be weekly challenges and/or trivia questions for prizes, such as SoP commander cards of myself and my second Diego de Mendoza, and I will not rule out other riches that may be bestowed. There will also be an Oak and Iron grand prize so keep your fleets at the ready. Finally, the Spanish player with the most points at the end of the campaign will receive a Juan Corso miniature painted by myself.

Entry # 11 - Juan Corso
Juan Corso painted by Twan van Tilborg. The Spanish prize will be the same model, but painted by Garrett Swader

Consider this your call to arms! Now go with your scouting parties and find the enemy where
ever they may hide. Hunt them like dogs. SANTIAGO!

Gerardo de Guale
(Garrett Swader)

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