Spanish Tercios Tournament List from Easter Island Event

With this Spanish Tercio, list Fernando Arteaga won 3rd place at the Easter Island 2022 tournament.

Spanish Tercios Tournament List

  • Faction: Tercios
  • Commander: Experienced Tercio Commander
  • Points: 150
  • Theater: Land
  • Source: No Peace Beyond the Line
  • By Fernando Arteaga

Force Construction

Spanish Tercios

  • 8 Trained Soldados with a Grizzled Veteran
  • 8 Trained Hostigadores with a Standard Bearer plus the Experienced Tercio Commander
  • 6 Trained Hostigadores
  • 5 Trained Milicianos Indios


Goal of the lost was straightforward. To put pressure and build fatigue with the smaller cannon fodder small units of Hostigadores and Indios, and then try to capitalize with Ruthless with the Soldados and the commander unit with Hostigadores.

I know the standard bearer was kind of suboptimal. I would have preferred the musician. But I had just painted the bearer and wanted to play with it.

 Tournament Games

I dont remember the exact play to play of the games. I remember in one game the Soldados entered a structure and from there the just killed all my enemies.

I lost one game against the winner of the tournment. He was playing a French list with natives. And it was there that I encountered the explosive wrath of Warriors with Thrown Weapons. They destroyed my Soldado unit and with that the hope of winning that match.


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