Week 11 Summer of Plunder Update

With week 10 of the campaign completed, the Summer of Plunder campaign has logged almost 1,200 games of Blood & Plunder and Oak & Iron! We have 4 more weeks to go and lots of prizes to give out. As we get towards the end of the campaign over the next few weeks, we would appreciate feedback on this year’s campaign and how we can make it better. Please drop us a note in the comments on the entry form or use the Contact tab on Blood & Pigment.

We’ve enjoyed the event so far and we hope you are as well! As a side note, we’re still getting several new players jumping into the campaign every week. We’re up to 141 player participating so far.

Nation Report

Spain has finally fallen! The Spanish have been decisively in the lead since June 23rd, but England has retaken the top spot after a huge week for English entries. With 44 entries, the English effort doubled the Spanish numbers this week, catapulting them into the top spot. But that only proves the English are motivated by greed as Commander Dexter offered a huge prize for the top player this week! But you’ll have to check out the English update below for more details.


In other news, the Pirates have faded a bit, falling behind a little in the race for 3rd. The Scottish had a great rally this week logging another 8 games, bringing their total to 40. That makes Scottish Militia the 8th most played faction which isn’t bad!

Factions 8.7

Here is an updated graph of the most played factions. Spanish Militia still outpaces everyone by a mille, but there is a good mix! Spanish Corsairs and Oak & Iron Dutch have really moved up recently.

I’d love to get every faction played by the end of the campaign and most of what is unplayed are Legendary factions at this point. L’Olonnais, Iberville, King Philip and De Graff all remained unplayed! But there’s a objective in a couple week that could help with that.

Individual Report

Jason klotz 10.13

Photo by Jason Klotz

Jason Klotz retains the lead at 157 points. We have 4 players over 100, and you have to have 22+ points to stay in the top 30 players.

Player standing 8.7

New Prizes are Here!

We’ve been working on creating some legal, custom commander cards representing the “commanders” of the various nations in this campaign this year and they’re finally finished! I have a set in hand and the commanders have full decks of their own cards to send out as prizes for their players. Not every commander has them in hand yet, but look out for new opportunities to win this new custom loot. I had cards created for Mike Tunez, Liam Taylor, and myself (Joseph Forster). Look below under this week’s objective for a chance to win some cards from me.

If you’re a compulsive completionist, there are 11 custom commander cards to collect:

  1. Spanish Deigo de Mendoza – Guy Rheuark
  2. English Dexter Hyde – Dexter Heide
  3. French Pierre Tullier Signeur de Marigny – Tyler Stone
  4. Dutch Jan Van Meteren – Glen Van Meter
  5. Native American Okwaho – Niguel Vega
  6. Pirate The Boyar of the Brethren – Dan Carlson
  7. Unaligned Uilleam Smith – Liam Smith
  8. Dutch Frederik Baron Van Hoensbrieck – Jason Klotz
  9. Native American Joseph Moneto – Joseph Forster
  10. Spanish Miguel Tunez – Mike Tunez
  11. English Sir Duncan Donut – Liam Taylor

There are a few ultra rare foil copies of Duncan Donut in print that you will have to watch for!

Each Commander will have their own criteria for awarding their commander cards, so stay tuned for that ramping up, probably next week as the commanders get their cards in the mail.

Week 10 Objective Report – Upgrade the Flagship

Week 10’s objective was to use a size 3+ ship in your force, or use a Ship of the Line for the Oak & Iron players. This objective was met by about half the entries this week. I saw a lot of Brigantines and Light Frigates in the submissions.

Evan botkin 10.0

Photo from Evan Botkin

We saw some Fluyts and 6th Rate Frigates as well but a special shout out goes to David Manley and Larry Irons for including a Galleon in their games this week.

David manley 10.1(1)

Photo from David Manley

Week 11 Objective – Plunder Scenario

This week we’re doubling down on Plunder and offering a bonus point for entries that use the Plunder scenario from No Peace Beyond the Line. In this scenario, players are rushing to claim an plunder objective on the board. Rules for Land, Amphibious and Sea are slightly different, but I find this scenario fast paced, focused, fun and pretty balanced. The Land version can be a little hard for the Attacker, but that’s the way it goes.

Gregory padilla 10.7

Photo from Gregory Padilla

The Sea version of Plunder is particularly fun as you get to use a ship model for a wreck to house the objective tokens.

I’m going to be watching Plunder entries this week and sending out some of these new custom commander cards to players who use especially cool objectives or wrecks as part of their Plunder scenarios this week. Impress me and I’ll send you a set of Spanish/Native/English commander cards representing Mike Tunez, Liam Taylor, and myself.

I believe Jason Klotz is putting the finishing touches on a version of Plunder for the Oak and Iron players so watch Timber and Sail for details on that!

Jason Klotz, our Oak & Iron champion, has offered prize to Oak & Iron players this week as well!

  • One random O&I player who plays the scenario and mentions it in their entry submission comments and/or posts photos to the Facebook Group or Discord will win a set of custom 3D printed wake tokens.

Edit: you can find that scenario here!

Gregory padailla 10.8

Photo from Gregory padailla

Looking Forward to Week 12’s Objective

David dzwonek 10.7

Photo from David Dzwonek

Last week’s objective was strictly sea focused, this week could be either, and next week is land focused again. Next week objectives rewards you for using Fortifications in your game. The core rulebook includes rules for light fortifications like breastworks, and watchtowers, and Fire on the Frontier expanded that with rules for Palisade Forts, Blockhouses, Gun Emplacements, Stone Tower Fort, and a few other structures. If you want to be ready for next week, you might want to plan ahead a little and create or buy some appropriate terrain or models. Fortifications can be a lot of fun!

Img 4982

Photo from David Nye

Weekly Photo Prize Winner

It’s always hard choosing a photo winner! So many fun shots!

This week’s prize goes to Nicholas Basham. This photo has great action and perspective and the models and ships look great.

Nicholas basham 10.6


Runner ups include Preston Jacka with a nice backdrop.

Preston jacka 10.1


And Twan van Tilborg with a nice shot of De Graff:

Twan van tilborg 10.0

If you want to game the system and know what I look for when “arbitrarily” judging photos, you can check out this recent article on Blood & Pigment.

Watch for another photo album post for week 10 sometime mid week.

Reminder of End Campaign Objectives

There are lots of prizes to be handed out at the end of the campaign. Keep an eye on that list at the bottom of these updates and try to focus on one or two goals. The “Press Ganger” title will be awarded to the player who has logged the most games teaching a new player. This is a geat title to go for because you log extra campaign points as you do it! Set up a demo day at your local game store and grab some extra points while exposing some people to a great game!

I do want to clarify that a “new player” means anyone “relatively new” to the game, but don’t stretch that too far and log more than a handful games with the same person and still qualify them as “new player.” Can’t be new forever!

Matthew doerr 10.6

Photo from Matthew Doerr

Commander Reports

Now, here are the important messages from your beloved commanders.




We are still winning, (late week entries have changed the standings!) even with the surge from the perros Ingleses. Through all of your hard work we have been winning for most so far, and I know none of you want to let up the effort.

I am tallying the winners of last month’s prizes, and will be notifying those that won, of their new private islands. Thank you, for following my words, as more and more land was taken back for New Spain.


This is the prize an Oak & Iron player won

I am currently vacationing in the wilds of Isla de California, with its bright sun. For this last stretch of the Summer of Plunder, please play a game during sunset or sunrise. This is a fun optional rule from the core rulebook. When playing, include a waxing or waning in your photograph. I will select a winner once the campaign is over, but you will get bonus points if you include a real sunrise or Sunset. The winner will get a blister of Spanish models, though if enough players send me photos I will reward more than one prize.

-Bueno Tipo

Gregory padilla 10.5

Photo from Gregory Padilla

Current Spanish Objectives

  • Most Spanish  points at end of campaign- Painted Spanish commander
  • Play a game that takes place during Sunrise or Sunset, and photograph that with your miniatures (bonus points for using an actual sunrise/sunset)- a Spanish Blister at the end of the campaign.



English Commanders we had an amazing week of plundering! Thank you all so much for playing so many matches which has Propelled England to the position of Masters of the New world! We have beaten back the Spanish But they will be back and we need to be ready! With only 4 weeks left to go we have to keep the heat on and take this over the Finish line! There are still lots of Prizes to be won! Just a reminder that this week is Summer of PLUNDER! – Play the Plunder Scenario (from No Peace Beyond the Line. To earn those bonus points! Let’s finish strong For England! For Home! And For the Prize!

Terry abbott 10.6

Photo from Terry Abbott

I also want to Congratulate Dylan Moore on being the Big winner of this week’s challenge and claiming the Painted Bark!  May she serve you well! This was a really close race! and I wanted to thank all the players that participated! Even if you didn’t win this one there are still plenty of amazing prizes to be won!

Bark look

Current English Objectives

  • Most English points at end of campaign- Painted English commander
  • Best painted army at end of campaign – spike defenses
  • Most games at end of campaign – wigwam
  • Most games played as an English commander during week 10 “Upgrade the Flagship”- painted Bark rigged with sails and a flag.
  • Best English Spirit- Will win 4ground Ports of Plunder Medium Dock Bundle! This commander has to complete most of their matches as the English faction. I am also looking for pics of your matches, videos of sea shanties dressing up in your best English attire etc. Have a lot of fun and be creative! When you post something just tag me in it! I will be picking a winner at the end of the second last week of campaign week 13
Dylan moore 10.6

Photo from Dylan Moore



Mon Dieu! Wine, moustache, baguette etc. Check back next week for a message from our French Commander.

Current French Objectives

  •  Games for France! Weekly objectives for France! A prize will be sent to the player who records the most points for France.
  • There is also a prize (and title!) up for grabs to whichever player claims the most Oak & Iron games for France!
  • Most French points at end of campaign- Painted French commander of your choice (please vote for favorite French commander model)
Chris asche 10.8

Photo from Chris Asche



Clogs and stuff. Check back next week for a message from our Dutch Commander.

Current Dutch Objectives

  • Most Dutch points at end of campaign- Painted Dutch commander
  • Sink or capture Any Nationality ship this week – reinforcement models
Nate forte 10.1

Photo from Nate Forte

Native American


Nativey things. Check back next week for a message from our Native Commander.

Current Native American Objectives

  • Most Native  points at end of campaign- Painted Native commander
  • A random player who logs games against the French (noted in the comments section of the submission form) will win a bonus prize (each participant can only qualify once).
Paul chouinard 10.5

Photo from Paul Chouinard



Ahoy there Pirates!

We are falling behind again! We are behind all the major powers! We need to fix our burnout and keep moving ahead! We can’t be outdone by the Greedy Dutch, Slimy French, Perfidious English and the Evil Spanish! We can’t lose our foothold in the new world to powers governments by sibling bedding simpletons! This week we simply need to play a NPBtL scenario! So grab your ships and get out there!

Your boisterous, endangered leader

The Boyar

Preston jack 10.2

Photo from Preston Jacka

Current Pirate Objectives

  • Most Pirate points at end of campaign- Painted Pirate commander
  • At the end of each month, the pirate with the most played games will receive a 4 man blister


This week was a big one! With help from French reinforcements, we were able to complete 8 games! Andy Hodges completed 6 of these and is really helping out the Scottish! Additionally, he completed the taunting objective and will be receiving a prize.

Image courtesy of Andy Hodges.

This week, the native support prize goes to Colleen Swader, who submitted 4 games for native support, all with different factions. Way to try out those minor factions!

Current Scottish Objectives

  • Most Scottish points at end of campaign- Painted Scottish commander customized and with choice of clan colours)
  • Taunt or bait an opponent into charging you (shut down an opponent’s charge with a defensive attack) – taunting highlander models
  • Play as the Scottish and get a promo card!

Thanks for participating in the campaign and have a great week!

Image from Brendan D

End of Campaign Prizes

At the end of the campaign (and maybe some throughout the summer), more than $1000 in prizes will be awarded! Prizes will include:

  • Grand Prize – Random Player of Winning Faction
    • Your choice of a Galleon or 6th Rate Frigate with a set of Seamon’s Quality Sails
  • Most Notorious Pirate – Single Player with the Most Campaign Points
    • A  $100 Firelock Games Coupon Code
  • Tiny Captain – Most Oak & Iron Games Logged
  • Pirate Journalist – Most Game Photos Submitted
    • Your choice of a Benerson Little book, possibly/hopefully signed by the author
  • Resilient Commander – Random Player from the Losing Nation
  • Hardened Mercenary – Player who has played under the most flags (factions as tie-breaker)
    • Set of 3 Genuine 17th Century Fortune Coins
  • National Hero – Players who have Logged the Most Games in Each Nation
    • National Commander Mini hand painted by your nation’s Commander
  • Press Ganger – Most New Players Taught
  • 2022 Noob of the Year – Random Player Who Started Playing Blood & Plunder in 2022
    • A Two Player Starter Set from the Raise the Black Kickstarter (delivered as soon as it’s available).
  • Hoist Your Colors – Best Painted Minis in Photos
    • Set of Size 0 & 00 Winsor & Newton Series 7 Brushes
  • Pyratical Portraiture – Best Painted Commander Mini in Photos
    • 28mm WIP portrait of your nation’s commander
  • Land Worth Fighting For – Best Looking Table
    • Stone Walls handmade by Dexter Heide
  • Merchant Escort – Most games at FLGS
    • Docks handmade made by Dexter Heide
  • “Dispatch Ship Captain”  – Most “Oak & Iron”  battle reports uploaded to https://gallery.timberandsail.comAn Oak & Iron “Gentlemen of Fortune” boxed set
  • “News from the Front” –  A random player who submits at least one battle report (4+ pictures and 100 words) to https://gallery.timberandsail.com. Each additional battle report adds 1 additional chance to win.
    • A set of 12 custom-painted, 3D printed wake tokens for the game.
  • “Letters to Home” –  A random player who submits at least one new image https://gallery.timberandsail.com.
    • A set of 12 custom-painted, 3D printed wake tokens for the game.
  • More may be announced!

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