Global Campaign Newsletter I

Campaign Newsletter 16th of June, 1690

Flibustiers de Graff faced off against Logwood Cutters. Image credit: Bryan Longoria

World Campaign 2021: Summer of Plunder

A World at War

The first week of the campaign is drawing to a close, and the community has come together to play at war, and France has slowly risen to the front by just one entry. Players have submitted Land games, Sea games, Oak & Iron games, and even a small narrative. Firelock Games has doubled down on this campaign, with their own announcement (that you can read here). Make sure you also join NDNG: Tales of the Sail this Friday (the 18th) for No Paint Beyond the Line #27.

Image credit: Manuel Ortega

Image credit: Garrett Swader


Twenty six people have reported in this first week. France leads with 5 games. The Dutch Republic and England are in second with 4 games each. Keep playing, as this is still very close!

Dutchmen of the Republic! Men of Hoorn! The old monarchies of Europe are up to their usual tricks and schemes. French and English pirates have once again begun to attack our merchant fleet. Spain is up to her old ways, trying to steal our land. Native forces are raiding settlements from their jungle villages. We must show them all that the Republic will stand against them. We will not stand by and suffer their impotent attacks. We are the Sea Beggars, and we will not cede what is ours by right. Though a fraction of their size, we wrested control of our nation back from Spain once. I call upon that bravery and fortitude once again to not only protect the valuable shipping of the Vereenigde Nederlandsche Oost Indische Compagnie (VOC), but to liberate our colonies and ports that they have once again encroached upon, from Recife to New Amsterdam. Soldaats of the Army, Zeelieden of the Navy, Kapers of the privateers – you all know your duties and will perform them admirably. You must be our sword in the attack, while our Militie and Boslopers are the shields in defense of what we have worked so hard to accomplish.

EENDRACHT MAAKT MACHT! (Unity makes Strength)

Dutch Commander Jan Van Meteren

From the desk of Jean-Baptiste du Casse, maître de l’île de Tortuga
Brethren, Boucaniers – rejoice! The light of the Sun King stretches across the shores of Tortuga and Hispaniola like a rising dawn, and in this hour of resplendence we stand stand before France – before all the world! – gilded in our victories
In Europe, the slovenly Dutch, in their gloomy black attire, have sought to cast the shadow of war over our great empire. Like gathering storm clouds l’Anglais and l’Espagnol have also beset us, and all of our myriad rivals in the new world. Yet, their storm is burned away in the face of la Rois Soleil, Louis XIV! For the strength of French arms – sans précédent! French victories – sans égal! and French plunder – sans mesure!
Thus, as your governor, I declare these islands, these colons français, for the crown of France. No more shall the Spanish, with their debased tongue, call this place ‘Hispaniola’. From henceforth, it shall be called Saint-Domingue
Even now your fellow Boucanier, Laurens de Graaf, sails against San Domingo to drive the insolent Spaniard from the island. May he return victorious, to be rewarded with fame and fortune!
Vive de Graaf!
Vive Saint-Domingue!
Vive France!
Vive la Rois Soleil!

A word from the Aristocracy

French Commander Tyler Stone


As I sit at my desk in Glasgow, I put my pen towards the Americas. The ravages of Stuart Town by the Spanish are still fresh in my mind. As are the failings of the English, who were too slow witted to even offer proper assistance or reprisal. What good are allies who are more concerned with their petty trade laws while our own fields are at fire.

It now comes to me, here a world away, my own adventure on those shores passed, that there are still those that raise the Scottish flag against our enemies. I have heard you, and you have my support, and the support of every true Scottman. Dig in and build palisades and forts to protect the land we deserve. Scotland Forever!

-Rev. Prof William Dunlop

Scottish Commander Guy Rheuark

The Boyar’s Desk: Week I

Ahoy, privyet, and salutations my glorious Brethren of the Coast! I’d like to congratulate First Mate Gerry of La Guarida La Pirata for capturing a Sloop from those pastery-packin Frenchies a few days ago! While their musketry proved difficult, First Mate Gerry sailed up and showed those Frenchies how swivels stack up against their wee croissant lickin’ fingers! There was but one survivor who still swore loyalty to his monarch, so they naturally fed him to the sharks!

(Pictured Below)

I’d like to give another shoutout to Commodore Colleen Swader, who boldly attempted to capture a Spanish Treasure Flotilla! Unfortunately those rotten Spanish cowards did what they do best and fled combat, catching wind and sailing off! (Pictured Below)

We need more commanders as bold as Mrs. Swader though, and will be keeping an eye out to see if she catches up with those filthy Spanish dogs!

Starting this week, we will be giving out prizes for those who achieve certain feats while campaigning against the major “powers”! I’ll be giving ye the titles of these so-called “Accolades”, but it will be up to ye intuitive Buccaneers to determine how best to unlock them! For those who have a Weenie Roast, a set of ship accessories may be in store! I will reach out via the olde book of Faces personally to let ye know if ye Acquire the Accolade! We aren’t in this just to win, we are in this to prove our tactical, practical brilliance over these silver spoon-sipping fools! Look to the next newsletter for more piratical updates!

-The Boyar of the Brethren

PS- I’ll be looking for those who are sinking French Ships, and tallying them up to brag about, so capture as many French vessels as ye can!

Brethren Commander Dan Carlson

Iroquois beat the French back to their settlement. Picture by Adam Johnston

From King Go Siph Pho Stir

The warriors throughout the land have been slow to leave their towns and fight against the increasing menace along the coastlines. But bravery is rewarded! Adam Johnston and his Iroquois warriors struck the first blow against the French.  Reinforcements and supplies will be sent straightaway to support these brave warriors.

More warriors will be sent to Natives who raise the club against the encroaching white man.

Native Commander Joseph Forster

Here are some additional pictures we’ve gotten so far. If you don’t see yours below, don’t worry we did get it (as long as you sent it to

Image credit: Robert McIntire

Image credit: Anton Pavlyk

Image credit: Eric Mylin


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