Global Community Campaign: Native Call to Arms!

By King Go Siph Pho Stir

Join the Natives in the 2021 Blood & Plunder Global Community Campaign!

War has begun! The Ugly White Man has come out to fight, forgetting that the land is not theirs. The Spanish try to teach us ways of peace but fail to defend us or provide  weapons and trade goods we need to defend ourselves. Their empty promises of protection and long lists of work they force us to do has made them stink to us. The Spaniard must be humbled and taught to respect us.  We have heard the wigged brute, Governor Tomas Mullane is sending men out to fight. Let only one of those men return to tell the tale of death that will follow these expeditions into our land. 

The greedy English have also come out to war, claiming to rule the land and the sea.  Let us teach these unwashed dogs we are not to cheated, abused or stolen from. Their weakling king will not fight so we must send him the scalps of his worthless men. 

The French appear to respect our ways and land, and treat us fairly. We will not declare war on them or the Dutch unless they provoke us to war. The Pirates seem to be led by a madman from the East so we will pay them no mind unless they offer to reward us for our arrows spent on their behalf. We have also heard rumors of a Scottish settlement that we could trade with but there is no report of their attitude towards our people.

War is on us. We fight for our land, our way of life and our comfy loincloths.  Put on the warpaint, dip your arrows in deadly poison, and slip into the woods to meet the invaders with quick death. 

King Go Siph Pho Stir of the Iroquois calls you to fight with the Natives to prevail in the Global Campaign! Faithful warriors will be well rewarded! Your “fearless” leader (6 Resolve but who’s keeping track?) leader has already begun to fight! This very night, a hapless force of Portuguese cavalry was destroyed by the arrows  of the Native warriors. 

Reinforcements will be sent to strong leaders. I am offering two rewards of 8 Native models each (your choice of models) to players who submit Native entries into the Global Campaign. Since the English and Spanish have already boasted so proudly I will draw two winners from Native entries that fought either Spanish or English players. Extra points if you can provide scalps. I will draw two winners on June 17 after the first full week of the campaign. 

Prove your bravery! Go and defeat the cowardly white man! The war starts today!

An introduction to the campaign can be found here and more complete rules can be found here. Participation is easy and simple! Just play a game (even solo counts) and send at least one picture and which faction you played to 

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