Blog News & Marker Dice Facebook Giveaway

There’s a giveaway but first some updates and blog news.

Blood & Pigment has been growing! We now have 3 semi regular writing contributors (Dan, Guy and Joseph) and we’ve recently taken on Bryan as a new and valuable member of the crew. He brings some more online savvy, graphics and video and excellent photography skills to the team. The new Blood & Pigment logo is his work as well as the article release graphics.

We have grandiose plans for making more content around Blood and Plunder so stay tuned (watch for a YouTube channel in the near future).

We recently launched our Facebook page and we would love it if you followed the page! As part of our launch we’re giving away a full set of the Blood & Plunder marker dice! These are currently in between print runs and not available from Firelock since they sold out a while back. They’re out of print and hard to get!

This set contains 6 each of Reload, Status, Fatigue and Critical Damage dice and they are extremely useful for keeping track of what’s happening in your games. I’ve bought several sets of these dice (mostly because Fatigue dice keep wandering off) and I find them nearly essential for having a good gaming experience.

I know most players already have some of these dice but they seem to be something you can always use a few more of! Sometimes you wish you didn’t need so may… (see below)

The giveaway is simple. Just follow our Facebook page and you’ll have a chance to win! This giveaway will run two weeks, September 7th-September 20th, 2020. On Sunday 9/20, around midnight I’ll use a random number generator to choose a winner from all the people following the Blood and Pigment Facebook page. We will contact you via Facebook and send these dice to you for free!

Good luck!

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