Easy Terrain – Large Rocky Hill

I picked up another piece of terrain from Gale Force Nine’s Battlefield in a Box series. This piece isn’t as good of value at a MSRP of $35, but it’s a very nice piece that gives you some instant interest on your battlefield. It’s nice to have some variation in elevation and for some reason nice hills are hard to come by (in my experience).

large rocky hill

The box includes the large rock, a back of static grass and a bag of thicker “meadow mix” to add color and texture to the piece.

You can add as much or little as you like to the rocky area.

I put white glue in some of the more sheltered areas and spread all the grass and other green material over the rock while in a large box lid.

It came out looking fine! Only 2 minutes of work.

I haven’t got to play many land games recently but I got it on the table for a solo game testing the Palisade Fort.


It’s a very large terrain piece for a standard 3×4 board. It provides a large area of rough terrain and the higher portions block line of sight as well. The highest portion of the rock is a full 2″ high so it would give an attacker firing down the advantage of the Save penalty on the target.



If you want a little elevation variation in your battlefield and you want instant gratification, this isn’t a bad deal! It’s a very nice product and at $35, it isn’t that painful to pick up.

You can find it on Amazon for $35 or at your local gaming store if you’re lucky. There’s also an “Extra Large Rocky Hill” for the same price that’s round instead of oval and it appears it’s a little taller.


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