Frigate in Progress

The Frigate and Galleon are the only ships left that I need to paint up before I am “caught up” with Firelock’s current line of ships (I guess I don’t have a Corvette). Two of my friends have been using the Light Frigate a lot and I’ve been really impressed with its performance as I’ve played against it.

Frigate second from R.

This grate always gives me trouble. Takes forever to get each little spot!

I’ve been working away at this ship for about a week now. Just a little bit every evening I get a chance.

I primed with a Army Painter brown spray paint and I’ll use it for the main hull color.

For the inside walls and colored panels outside I’m using Vallejo’s Cavalry Brown. I used Vallejo’s Chocolate Brown for the rails, inside posts and all the horizontal trim on the hull. These sections are what take the most time for me.

I used Citadel Zandri Dust for the decks.

I used Bone White for the lowest portion of the hull just to break up the browns.

Averland Sunset for the prow. I’m taking inspiration from the Firelock model on the box.

Glueing the gun hatches on. I’m never exactly sure when I should glue these on… I’ll paint them with the Cavalry Brown next.

I went for dark grey windows, steel window frames and brass for the ornaments on the back. Certainly the most time consuming area of the ship…

I’m nearly done with my base coats. I’ll be applying washes and some drybrush and weathering but I won’t go crazy with details. I should finish it this week!

I have some cool sails I bought from another player and I’m excited to see them on this ship!

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