Completed Light Frigate

I finished my Frigate! I’m looking forward to playing with this ship.

I’ve been working on it off and on for a couple weeks and I finished up the rigging today.

I purchased some of Rick Casler’s excellent sails off eBay and I’m really happy with how they look.

I really want to load this ship up with cannons and run it as a 200 or 300 Point Royal English Navy Force. Let’s see what can Cannons really do!

Seagull’s view.

I have 28 Sea Dogs ready to man the guns.

I basically copied the color scheme from the rulebook.

The 3 deck ships: Fluyt, Light Frigate and Brigantine.

My fleet so far. Next will be the Galleon! I’m still intimidated by that beast…

I have several lists I want to try with this Frigate. First is a 200 point English Royal Navy gunboat. With good speed and Tough troops with Expert Artillery Crew, I figure this is the best faction to use for a cannon focused ship.

I’d also like to use it under the Spanish flag. This 300 point Armada de Barlovento force seems well rounded and worth a try.

I still have some models to paint to make this list possible for me but I want to try the Frigate under the Pirate flag of Jean Hamlin.

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