David Nau in 200 Points

David Nau Blood & Plunder

This simple force uses L’Olonnais in a 200 point force for land games.

  • Nation: French
  • Faction: Flibustiers Nau
  • Commander: David Nau (Francois L’Olonnais)
  • Points: 200
  • Theater: Land
  • Source: No Peace Beyond the Line
  • By Guy Rheuark

David Nau in 200 Points

This force uses the 37 point David Nau as a commander of four 8 man units, in 200 points. At the core of this force is L’Olonnais himself, with eight Flibustiers and a Local Guide. David Nau and his faction, Flibustiers Nau, have several advantages that you get for the 22 point upgrade over an Experienced French Buccaneer Commander. Easily the most noticable is the 16” range with 3 command points and very inspiring. This 32” command bubble will cover most of your side of the board.


L’Olonnais’ faction also gives everyone Ruthless, and each unit’s shoot score is 6. Ruthless has been talked about to death before, and it is good (except on most Spanish units). It combines well with L’Olonnais special rule, Terror, and can allow some early game shots at units that failed their Resolve test.

The two Flibustier units are meant to stay near each other as they advance to take advantage of the Local Guide and Grizzled Veteran. The second unit of Flibustiers can dip in and out of the Local Guide’s 4” range to get Quick and Scouts, and at the same time you can use the Grizzled Veteran to rally L’Olonnais unit, if he spent all his command points on other units.

Blood & Plunder French Commander

The two units of Engage are meant to flank the center, and need to stay more than 5″ away from the Flibustiers to counteract the special rule Timid. The Engage are a unique unit in Blood & Plunder that is difficult but rewarding to play. As an inexperienced unit, I find that it is best to always half fire, unless they have a Ruthless shot needing 7’s. Don’t forget to roll for Ball & Shot when under 12″ away as well. It is best to only activate these units on Diamonds or Clubs.

Blood & Plunder Flibustiers

The strength of this force lies in the power of Flibustier and Engage musketry, and only choosing melee when an opportunity presents itself. Fatigue management is also important for this list to maximize Ruthless, and Very Inspiring helps with that. This Force also has “5” fortune, with one being the Buccaneer faction ability to get a new hand. The weakness of this list is the Engage flanks, and that this is a “sit and shoot” type of force. Most opponents will not want to try charging Flibustiers, because they are very good in Melee.

Blood & Plunder

I hope this has helped encourage people to try out some of the exciting Legendary Commanders in 200 point games.

Flibustiers Nau

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