Week 1 Campaign Photo Highlights – Summer of Plunder 2022

The 2022 Summer of Plunder Campaign’s first week was great fun! With more than 120 game entries this week, we received more than 300 photos of Blood & Plunder and Oak & Iron being played on gamers’ tables around the world! This won’t be an every week thing, but this week I’m sharing a bunch of these photos in a separate post from the main weekly update post.

I tried to grab one photo from each player who submitted pictures and authorized us to share them (I apologize if I left anyone out or misspelled your name).

From Colleen Swader

From Clayton McEachron

From Captain Gerard Gonzalez

From Dan Carlson

From Twan van Tilborg

From Twan van Vilbor

From Twan van Vilbor

From Thomas Merrill

From Steven Cyrus

From Robert Guyton _El Baron

From Peter Neilsen

From Paul Pickles

From Mike Tyler

From Mike Davis

Matthew Doerr

From Marc Lopez

From Liam Smith

From Terry Abbot

From Simeon Turner

From Ray Weiandt

From Per Jacobi

From Omar

From Nathan Brown

From Mark Stigter

Keller Stentz

From Jonas Jacobi

From John Stentz

From Joe Pelfrey

From JJ Cherrison

From Jim Welch

From Jeremy Sobczak

From Jeff Woodman

From Jayden King

From Jason Klotz

From Jason Klotz

Jake Kolba

From Håkon Arnesen

From Guy Rheuark

From Gregory Padilla

From Gavin Klotz

From Garrett Swader

From Frank Holland

From Filippo

Fernando Arteaga

From Ethan Taylor

From Dexter Heide

From Dexter Heide

From Dexter Heide

From Dexter Heide

From Dexter Heide

From Dexter Heide

From Dexter Heide

From Dexter Heide

From Dexter Heide

Dean Musumeci

From Dean Musumeci

From Dexter Heide

From David Nye

From David Niezan

From David Boeren

From Commander Simon

From Daniel Padilla

From David Dzwonek

From Tim Kelly

From Evan Botkin

From Michael Verity

From Necron 99

From Aleksandr Ivanov


Thanks everyone for submitting photos! Awesome to see so many people having a good time over some games of Blood & Plunder (and Oak & Iron).

Thanks for participating in the campaign everyone! If you haven’t jumped in yet, there’s plenty of time as this campaign will be continuing all summer long!

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