2022 Summer of Plunder Global Campaign News!

The Summer of Plunder is back! Last year, Firelock Games, Tales of the Sail, and Blood and Pigment worked together to host a loose, global campaign for the Blood & Plunder community and we’re back to do it again! There was some uncertainty if it was going to happen this year, but plans are in motion, spreadsheets have been made, objectives created, and loot stored in a great pile! It should be good fun for everyone who wants to participate!

Loot will be earned! Prize support exceeds $1500 this year!

The campaign will run from Memorial Day through Labor Day and it will give players opportunities to fight for fortune and glory for their nation, prove themselves in battle, winning renown and prizes from our loot stockpile. Campaign submissions should be easier than ever this year, utilizing a new entry form here on Blood & Pigment instead of an email address system.

Nations will be led by infamous community members, some returning in their coming rolls from last year and some coming in as 0 point Inexperienced Commanders. Which flag will you fight under? Head over to the 2022 Summer of Plunder Campaign Home page to see who will be leading the different nations in their quest for glory!

On that page, you fill wind all the details of the campaign, including new weekly objectives that will score you additional points.

It should be an awesome time. Prepare your forces, paint up those minis on your hobby table, and build up that army list that will sweep all before it! The 2022 Summer of Plunder campaign starts in two weeks.

Look for announcements and further details (and sales) from Firelock Games, The Plunder Den, and Tales of the Sail.

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