Global Campaign Newsletter VII

Campaign Newsletter 26th of August, 1690

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The End is Nigh

World Campaign 2021: Summer of Plunder

By Guy Rheuark

With two and a half months behind us Spain, England, and the Brethren of the Coast are tied for first place with 36 games each. France tails by a single game and the Dutch Republic is behind by two. Like last week, these five nations are close enough that any one of them can win in the next two weeks.

This is exciting, and not something I expected.

Native America and Sweden have exactly half of the leading Nation, making a win a steep climb for both of them. To the players of these nations, and the other peripheral powers, you have put up a good fight.

To the Spanish, English, French, Dutch, and Pirate players; keep sending in entries, as each one might decide who wins. This is the last Newsletter before the end of the campaign: good luck to you all

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A word from the Aristocracy

As the end of the campaign nears, I took my Sloop out for one last game before sending it to one of you.

I played a musket heavy French list, and won against Pirates. It was a bloody battle, and didn’t feel fair, but for a last voyage it was fitting. I am looking forward to Painting flags for this ship of the nation that wins.

The Boyar’s Desk, Final Entry

Beautiful buccaneers, courteous corsaires, thankful thieves and plundering pirates! We have at long last reached the end of our global voyage together. We have given the major powers a run for their money, but we all know what we really want! We want to smash them into dust and continue to steal their ill-gotten gains for ourselves! So keep submitting those entries! Asa  final gift to my lovely brethren of the coast, here’s a few more contracts that I need completed!

“Spreading the Wealth”- In a game of Blood and Plunder, use the Broadside! special rule to fire grape shot at point blank range (0-1 inch away).

“Sea-Going Salvage Expert- Capture an enemy ship in oak and Iron or remove all the models off an enemies’ ship in Blood and Plunder.

“Arrgh-tillery Aficionado”- Perform a raking shot against an enemy vessel.

Prizes await those who complete these contracts! Let’s finish out our voyage by bamboozling the major powers by claiming victory over them!


The Boyar of the Brethren

From the (not so great) Sachem, Go Siph Pho Stir

We are a failing people. I once thought we could stem the tide of settlers moving west from the coastlands. But my people refuse to fight! We were once a proud people, but now we let the white man push us back without resisting. The braves are few and they do not give battle. 

I will retreat to my wigwam and console myself with the white man’s strong drink. 

Reinforcements of Braves are still available to any strong chief who will stand and fight for his people! 

King Go Siph Pho Stir,

Phot Credit: Joseph Forster

“The Fall of Jack Blackheart”

Lords of the Sea, raise a toast

To the Captain of whom I now boast

Gallant was he, both near and far

To those he lead, a shining star

For blood and for plunder his ship did sail

Under the black flag, he never would fail

But the devil be damned, the seas be cursed

For those wretched Dutch are surely the worst

By cannon and by musket the reckoning came

As the Dutch Captain cried out Jack’s name

With gold and with wind did Jack try to run

To be in Tortuga under a setting sun

But all was for naught, all was in vain

As Jack was bound by a Dutch chain

But as the sun sets, so it rises anew

And Jack will return, and is coming for you

A Birds Tour of the Caribbean

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