Raise the Black Final Hours!

The Raise the Black Kickstarter is in its final hours! Back it now if you haven’t already! Up your pledge just a little to grab an extra box of militia, natives, regulars or cavalry! As of now (3 hours to go), the campaign still needs $15k to fund the plastic cavalry box. We want this plastic cavalry! The metal cavalry is very expensive and the plastics would open up that force option for a lot more players!

The militia captain was recently unlocked with contributions but we still have a chance to double some of the items on the loot box by getting more backers on board so tell your friends! This is the very last minutes! Don’t delay! There will be no better entry point into this great game!

Let’s help the campaign end strong!

I’ll throw in another giveaway here! If the campaign passes the cavalry $360k I’ll giveaway a French starter box to a random person who comments on this post or on the Facebook posting of this posting before the campaign ends. More giveaways! Share it around!

16 thoughts on “Raise the Black Final Hours!

  1. I backed this KS in it’s first hours, and I will be there as long as the clock is going on!
    For the best game and the best community in the world!

  2. The French are my favorite Faction. Some more miniatures could be of use. And I really hope we will get plastic cavalry.

  3. I think I was the 29th backer for the kickstarter for the Pirate Hunter. I logged in in the first seconds of the it going live. There was already 28 backers…I figured that was Mike and his crew. Fun stuff. Looking forward to goods next year. French Force is always good to have.

  4. I’m excited to get my first blood and plunder set through this KS and went all in and can’t wait to make terrain and teach my son how to play for a good opponent!

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