Fortification Supplement Beta Release

By Joseph Forster

Here are rules for the Palisade Fort! We have an exclusive pre release ruleset at Blood & Pigment! Liam Taylor and I have been working on these rules for Firelock Games on and off for months now and I’m excited to offer the Blood & Plunder community this fortifications supplement now. This downloadable document includes rules for the Palisade Fort along with a couple other fortified structures. These are “Beta rules” at this point, but Mike Tunez at Firelock Games (and the crew here at Blood & Pigment) thought it was important to get these rules out to players so you can use the Palisade Fort in your games.

Blood and Plunder Fortification Supplement

Firelock planned to officially release rules for this fort a while ago, but due to all the trials and tribulations 2020 has showered upon us, that just hasn’t happened. Now the tremendous Raise the Black Kickstarter is keeping the entire Firelock staff busy!

The rules might change a little here and there before they are “officially” released within either an expansion rulebook like Queen Anne’s War or an expanded official Fortifications Book, but these have been play tested and have been found to be balanced and fun and we hope you will find them enjoyable. This is a great chance to get feedback from the community as well, so please drop a comment here on the blog or Facebook or email us at if you have any thoughts or feedback after playing with these rules (or just reading them through).

If you follow this blog or see things that we post on the Blood & Plunder Facebook group, you’ve probably seen some of the several battle reports we’ve posted using these rules (in various development forms).

This Fortification Supplement introduces Linear Fortifications as a new type of structure as well as giving specific rules for the Palisade Fort, blockhouses, generic fortified buildings. Since the bastions for the Palisade Fort are not available for purchase at this point (2020 supply tribulations), the rules for them have been omitted but if they become available, we can add them to this document.

As part of this exclusive release we are giving away a complete Palisade Fort set so make sure to read up on that giveaway and throw your name in the pool!

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  1. Since the next supplement covers the 18th century, can we expect Vauban Fortifications? Or is that too much for the scope of this game?

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