Completed Indian Fighters

With my 6th Rate Frigate finished I can apart getting some of the newest models painted up. The models from the latest batch of Firestarters are awesome/ great dynamic poses, distinctive style to their gear and dress and fine detail for painting.

In an effort to get models painted and to the table, I’ve been working on learning to use Citadel Contrast Paints. So far I haven’t been as happy with the Contrast method as my standard way of painting but I’m getting better and it’s nice to get some models done faster sometimes!

I used Rufus Devane’s work on Facebook as inspiration for my color schemes.

There are some glorious English beards on a couple of these minis.

I used Contrast paints for the majority of these minis but I used standard painting methods for the eyes, skin, guns and all the metallics.

I also used a couple standard paints for some highlights lines on some of the coats as well to push the contrast a little.

I still have mixed feelings on Contrast Paints. It feels good to get minis ready for the table in one paint session, but I always feel a little guilty that I didn’t give them my best effort. I guess I have an overly tender painter’s conscience!

I’ll paint up another couple sets of these then move to the new Braves models. I also have the 4Ground building terrain on my short list of projects to work on so watch out for that dropping on this blog soon!

How do you like Contrast Paints? They seem like a useful tool for getting more minis on the table but I still prefer finished look of standard paints. But every time I use these Contrasts I get a little better result. I’ll keep working with them!

3 thoughts on “Completed Indian Fighters

  1. I like the contrast for Blood and Plunder, can get some nice shading effect using parts of a different contrast over a base contrast. Liking the contrast orange for Dutch, and trying different contrast over metallics is creating some great metal, like space wolf over gunmetal, nazdreg over gunmetal and basilicanum over silver.

    I think the Indian Fighters make some great character substitutes, the kneeling beard fella for a veteran and the aiming fella for a sharpshooter.

    Great work, and thanks for the blog.

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