Blood & Plunder Spoilers from Cyber Wars Interview

The Historical Miniatures Gaming Society hosted an online convention over the July 24-26 weekend and I was able to participate in an interview with Mike Tunez and the Tales of the Sail guys from the No Dice No Glory team.

Our specific task during the interview was to ask Mike Tunez what we can expect in future releases for Blood & Plunder in the next year or so. Both the Queen Anne’s War and Raise the Black expansions have been “spoiled” before but in this interview Mike shared a lot of details on what those expansions will include and how they will release.

You can enjoy the entire discussion on YouTube.

If you don’t have time to listen to the whole interview (you should watch some of it just to see Mike in the hold of his own boat!), here are some of highlights of information we gleaned about the upcoming products from Firelock.


Queen Anne’s War Expansion

  • Scheduled for release Fall 2020
  • Brings B&P into early 18th century
  • Includes many new factions and units
  • New factions include different Raider factions, hybrid alliance factions that include units of more than one nationality, gunpowder focused Native factions, Army factions featuring highly trained units and powerful commanders and more privateer and later Buccaneer factions.
  • New units include Braves and other new Native units, late era Flibustiers and more
  • Some new named and generic characters
  • About 3 new sets of models will be created to support this expansion but many of the new units can be played with existing models
  • A completely new style of “build your own” commander for each nationality
  • New scenarios
  • The Queen Anne’s War rule book will be released as a 50-60 page PDF this Fall then released as a bound book at a later date
  • The new Native factions along with the new Native Commander are available on the Force Builder right now!


Raise the Black Kickstarter

  • Planned to launch September/October 2020
  • Plastic multi part minis with customizable limbs, heads and weapons
  • A heavy focus on Pirates, Pirates, Pirates!
  • A centerpiece 2-player starter kit which will include 2 new smaller plastic Sloops, ~24 models including Blackbeard and Maynard, a rulebook, paper mat and cardboard markers and tokens with a goal of a price around $100
  • Many new named captains and characters people would recognize from the “Black Sails” crew (in metal or high quality resin)
  • Sets of about 20 models in a sprue at a considerably lower price point (per model) than the current metals
  • Possible stretch goals include
    • Expandable/customizable plastic ship
    • Militia plastic sprues


4Ground Terrain

Firelock and 4Ground have partnered to bring us wonderful and affordable urban Caribbean terrain pieces including:

  • Docks
  • Many sizes and styles of buildings
  • Barrels and various scatter terrain
  • A very cool dock crane

All available now on the Firelock website! The current Firelock resin buildings will eventually phase out and this will replace them.

Other Products

Other impending releases or products in some stage of development include:

  • A Fortifications rules supplement with details for the various fortifications in the game including the new Palisade Fort
  • Bastions and a blockhouse for the existing Palisade Fort
  • New ships for Oak & Iron likely released in early 2021
  • Blood & Plunder on Table Top Simulator
  • Full support for the complete Oak & Iron line on Table Top Simulator

There was plenty more news and tidbits you’ll get by watching/listening to the entire interview.

Lots to look forward to for Blood & Plunder!

Banner image by Bryan Longoria