Completed Veteran Freebooters

I’ve been meaning to get some of these elite English soldiers painted up for a long time. I finally finished a set!

This English unit uses the French Milice de Caraibes models since they have the same set of equipment.

As an English player the fact that a 4 point French Militia model has the same equipment that an 8 point elite English leaves me a little bitter but let’s not dwell on that!

I haven’t had a chance to paint much of a French Force yet so this was my first time painting these models. They are excellent models for painting although I’ve find the charging model difficult to put in a ship and enclosed spaces since his gun is so long and low to the ground!

Firelock Games released an image of an alternate paint scheme for this second use of these models and I used it for inspiration for my first set of Veteran Freebooters.

I changed up one model but kept the others fairly close.

I got them on the table briefly (hidden in the corn) for a quick weekend test game with my son.

Their stats exemplify the English: not overly specialized and not bad at anything! They were formidable troops on the board in this game. I pretty much automatically like any model with a 6 Shoot Save.

I’m looking forward to using these in a variety of forces including the Brethren of the Coast, English Buccaneers and maybe the Logwood Cutters. Not sure they will will actually push the Boucaniers out of the last list but we’ll see.

I think I’ll paint another set of these to give myself a nice unit of 8 and then move on to some Kapers which I would like to be able to add to some of the forces.

What’s your opinion on the Veteran Freebooter? I haven’t seen a lot of people playing with them but I have been on the receiving end of them before and they’ve earned my respect.

3/3/2020 update: here’s my second batch of Veteran Freebooters.

64 points works of a force right there!

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