Completed Zeelieden

I just finished up another set of Dutch Zeelieden. I don’t have a full Dutch faction painted yet but these sailors are some of the best in the game and they can be used in so many seagoing factions. I haven’t done a lot of painting over the last month but I did manage to get two sets of Zeelieden and a commander completed.

old zeelieden

My original set of Zeelieden

My new set

I sent out the first set of Zeelieden I painted as part of the Blood & Plunder Secret Santa swap on Facebook this year so I painted myself up a replacement set with the Firelock paint jobs in mind.


All these guys are super colorful and eccentric so I painted up another set trying to use some more dark and muted tones. But they came out pretty zany as well! These outfits are just fancy.

This guy looks like he’s having entirely too much fun.

And here’s another set of Zeelieden I painted last year:

Earlier in January I painted a second Dutch Commander for myself.

I haven’t got to use him yet but I was considering using him for Jan Erasmus Reyning.

These 9 models are pretty much all I got painted in January (along with Aragorn, Gandalf  and a robot snatcher but those are for different games).

Between my 12 Zeelieden, 2 Commanders and 8 Enter Ploeg and 12 European Soldiers I can use for Soldaten, I have a good start on a Dutch Navy force now.

Can a Longboat be Heavily Built?

Next on my painting desk are the new models from the Organized Play kit, then I’m planning to paint up some Veteran Freebooters and some French Milices de Caraibes.

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