Easy Terrain – Wizkids Homestead

Wargamers are always on the lookout for terrain! I recently discovered a couple products from Wizkids that impressed me and I thought I would share them here.

Wizkids has been producing massive amounts of miniatures over the past few years and they’ve recently started releasing some fun terrain elements as well. I’ve bought some of these and painted them up over the last year (wagon, wild boar, tables, crates, tent etc).

I walked into my game store last week and they had these new collections of prepainted terrain pieces. I like painting but there’s only so much time in a hobbyist’s day and if I’m not too proud to use stuff I didn’t have to paint!

There seems to be 3-4 different sets out right now including a Homestead, Medieval Farm, Jungle Shrine and a Goblin Village (almost good enough for a Native Village).. They all have usable elements but this homestead looked the most useful so I picked it up.

Logwood Cutters have been recent faction-of-choice and this set looked very appropriate for a temporary settlement for that kind of operation.

This set contains:

  • Medium log structure
  • Small wood and thatch structure
  • Well
  • Wheelbarrow
  • Wattle fenced enclosure with a pig
  • Stack of wood
  • Horse with a rail and feeding trough
  • Two bags of supplies
  • Chickens

I got them on the table recently and along with some trees, it filled out a 3×4 really well.

The tent and barrel are also Wizkids product but they didn’t come in this set.

Here’s some pictures of this set on a game board.

The wild boar is also Wizkids but purchased separately and painted by me.

I didn’t use some of the bits for this scenario but it still made for a nice Logwood Cutter camp.

The price point for this terrain set is $40 which is a good deal for terrain ready to put on the board. The quality is fine. The paint jobs aren’t amazing but they’re passable and you could always spruce up the detail on the buildings if you wanted.

There’s fancier terrain out there but this quantity of pre painted and appropriate terrain for this price seemed like a good deal and worthy of sharing! Check it out!

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