Tartana in Progress

My Tartana arrived last week and in spite of being midway through painting a Light Frigate, I’m diving right into painting this new vessel. I like the look of the Tartana and it’s small so it should be a nice easy project!

Bark, Tartana, Sloop, Frigate, Galleon

Some of my buddies were interested in how small/large this new ship is so I set next to some of the other ships for comparison. It seems a little smaller than a Sloop but the back deck is larger which is nice. The front deck is slightly smaller but I rarely fill up the front deck of a Sloop anyway. This ship could potentially contain a more balanced force of 4 units.

I primed with a medium brown which I will leave for the outer hull color. I got most of the base colors down in one evening!

The hull doesn’t look that much different than the Sloop but the distinctive sails should make it look unique on the game table.

Next I’ll add some drybrushing and then some washes and weathering. This should come together pretty quickly and then I’ll get back to my Light Frigate.

I’ve started playing with 200 lists using a Tartana on the Force Builder and I’m liking it. With the 4 forward Swivels and the 0″ windward penalty it seems like it will be a good “chasing” ship. It doesn’t have that 5″ top speed which might make the Privateer Sloop hard to catch, but I think this will be a fun ship for Buccaneers and boarding parties! I’m looking forward to trying it!

200 Point English Buccaneer Tartana

200 Point Pirate Tartana

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