“The Great Pirate Paint Off” – A Pirate Painting Contest

It’s painting time! Summer of Plunder 2023 is around the corner and we have great things planned! One of the things we learned from last year is that some players struggled to get time to paint during the campaign because they were playing games! So, in an effort to help prepare people for the event (and build some hype), Blood & Pigment, partnering with Firelock Games,Timber and Sail, Tales of the Sail, The Dead Man’s Chest, The Plunder Den, Seamon’s Quality Sails, The Doubloon Lagoon, and Things from the Basement, is hosting a Blood & Plunder and Oak & Iron painting contest!

This will be a fairly low key event, running from late February into May with regular updates throughout. After the event closes, there will be a period of time where some of the top entries will be presented for a public people’s choice vote to decide who gets some of the best prizes! We hope this public voting period will get these awesome games and beautiful paint jobs in front of more eyes and raise participation in the Summer of Plunder event this year.

We have lots of prizes planned for various categories and skill levels!

Painting Contest Purpose

This contest’s main purpose it to encourage players to paint their models and share their work with the Firelock community. Players sharing their painted models inspires others to get to work, and gives painters ideas and inspiration for how paint their models. We’re hoping this contest will also help players be prepared with painted models for the Summer of Plunder campaign event.

oak & Iron First Rate Frigate ship

Painting Contest Rules

  • Miniatures must be painted by entrant this year (or since the Raise the Black Kickstarter shipped).
  • Subject must be official Blood & Plunder miniature or ship, or Oak & Iron ship.
  • Entry categories include:
    • Commanders
    • Units (4-6 models)
    • Full Forces (25+ models and can include previously entered minis)
    • Blood & Plunder Ships
    • Oak & Iron Ships
  • With some miniatures, the models could be technically used as several different units, but please select the unit that most closely fits your paint job or what you intend to use them for most.
  • Models must be painted to at least a “tabletop standard” level (e.g. not one solid color).
  • Entries must include 1-5 photos. Please take well-lit photos that fill the frame so details and paint job are visible. Subjects should be posed on a battle board, in a lightbox, against a background, or any other suitable setting.
Blood & Plunder Sailor models by Jason Klotz

Painting Contest Timeline

  • The contest will be open for entries from February 26th to May 14th.
  • After the period for entries closes, there will be a 2 week period for people to vote for their favorite entry in several categories. The period for public voting will run from May 15th to May 28th. The winners of these public votes will be awarded the grand prizes.
  • Entries will be regularly shared in posts here on Blood & Pigment and on the conclusion of the contest, galleries of all entries will be posted as a helpful resource for new players painting their models.

Painting Contest Categories & Prizes

Prizes will be awarded to top entries in several categories.

  • Best Commanders
    • Prizes for Best Commander for each Nationality
    • Grand Prize from Doubloon Lagoon Blog for People’s Choice Commander
  • Best Units
    • Prizes for Best Unit in each Nationality
    • Grand Prize from Blood & Pigment for People’s Choice Unit
  • Best Force
    • Prizes for Best Force in each Nationality
    • Grand Prize from Deadman’s Chest for People’s Choice Force
  • Best Ship
    • Prizes for Best 1, 2, 3, & 4 Deck Ships
    • Grand Prize from Seamon’s Quality Sails for People’s Choice Ship
  • Best Oak & Iron Ship
    • Prizes for Best Oak & Iron Ships in Various Classes
    • Grand Prizes from Timber & Sail for People’s Choice Oak & Iron Ship
  • Most Models Painted
    • Grand Prize from Things from the Basement
  • First Efforts
    • Prizes for New Painters
  • Several Random Entry Prizes

Painting Contest Prizes

Coming from all the top content producers throughout the Firelock Community, we have tons of plunder to hand out as prizes for this event! The pile of loot and doubloons is still growing, so check back soon for a complete list of prizes for The Great Pirate Paint Off event! The complete list will be posted on February 26th, the contest’s start date.

Blood & Plunder Sailors Painted by Guy Rheuark

Contest Entry Form

Please use this entry form to participate in the event.

Pirate Paint Off Contest Form
Commissioned Work?

Maximum file size: 516MB

Do you give Blood & Pigment Permission to use these (credited) photos in community photo galleries in the future?
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Blood & Plunder 6th Rate Frigate firing cannons side view

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