Blood & Plunder Nation & Faction Playthrough Checklist

The game of Blood & Plunder has continued to grow and develop since its initial creation. When Firelock Games first released the game it only had the Spanish, English and French Nations with only 8 Factions. Since then, the game has released 3 different Expansion Sets: “No Peace Beyond the Line“, “Fire on the Frontier” and “Raise the Black“. The game now has an astounding 99 different historical factions!

We at Blood & Pigment were recently inspired by a member of the Blood & Plunder community Facebook Group (@Gerardo González) who wanted to set a goal for playing every Faction as a New Year’s Resolution. That sounded like a brilliant goal! I don’t know that I will accomplish such as ambitious goal in a year, but I was intrigued.

My thoughts immediately went to how to track the games I played so I didn’t repeat of the Factions. I normally throw my force builder lists in a spreadsheet, so I thought, why not build a new spreadsheet and turn it into a checklist… And if I’m going to make a checklist for myself, why not make it available to the entire community.

So I present to you a new checklist…

Blood & Plunder Nation & Faction Playthrough Checklist

Nation & Faction
Playthrough Checklist

We’ve complied a list of all of the Factions (grouped by Nation) in all of the expansion books available for Blood and Plunder. Using the checklist you’ll be able to check off each of them as you play them. The list also lets you log the date and url for your Force Builder list.

Download the Nation & Faction Playthrough Checklist

There are currently two options available for you to use with the checklist. You can either keep up with an interactive spreadsheet or download a PDF doc with the list.

Option 1: A Google Sheets

Google Sheets logo

Get a copy of the original spreadsheet.

Step 1. Open the Faction Checklist

Step 2. Click “File”

Step 3. Click “Make a Copy”

Option 2: Downloadable PDF

PDF Download Logo

Save a copy of the file to your local machine to print a copy. Download the Faction Checklist PDF

French Nation Faction Unit Cards and models for Blood & Plunder

Blood & Plunder Nations & Factions Guides

If you’ve looking for more info on a specific faction, checkout our Ultimate Guide to Blood & Plunder Nations & Factions . While we haven’t built a guide for EVERY faction yet, we have the largest collection of any currently on the internet! If there is a particular faction you are interested in, leave a comment below and we’ll try to bump it up on our to-do list.

The Ultimate Guide has great content including:

  • Nation Overviews
  • Faction Guides
  • YouTube Videos
  • Force Building List Recommendations

Community Force Building Lists

We have a force building tool available for players to share their great Blood & Plunder forces with other. You can review a list of lists created by other members of the community.

Share Your Force List

Have a great list of your own? We’d love for you to share and upload your list. On receiving the entry, we will turn it into a short blog post in the Community Force Building section of Blood & Pigment.

Faction Checklist Sourcebooks

The following is a list of the Blood & Plunder expansion pack sourcebooks used in the development of this checklist. If you don’t have a copy, stop by

No Peace Beyond the Line Expansion

No Peace Beyond the Line is a huge expansion that offers a massive number of new force lists and commander options. The Dutch, Native Americans and many minor colonial European powers are added to the game, along with new factions for the Pirates, English, Spanish and French. It also includes additional ships, some more advanced ship and cannon rules, a campaign system and several new scenarios.

This book added the Dutch, Natives, Pirates and Unaligned Nations to the game. It also introduced 45 new Factions to game. This is definitely a MUST BUY book if you don’t already have it (or the Deluxe Rulebook which includes it).

Product Referral: No Peace Beyond the Line Expansion

No Peace Beyond the Line - BLood & PLunder expansion rulebook

Fire on the Frontier Expansion

Fire on the Frontier is a smaller softcover expansion that specifically covers some of the colonial wars of the late 17th century in North America. It includes new characters and force lists for England, France and the Native Americans, along with new rules for Fortifications and several historical scenarios.

This book adds 14 new Factions among the English, French, & Native nations.

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Fire on the Frontier expansion rulebook cover

Raise the Black Expansion

This fresh expansion brings Blood & Plunder into the early 18th century and introduces all the household names like Blackbeard, Jack Rackham, Anne Bonny, Mary Read, Black Bart Roberts, Charles Vane and the entire pirate crew into the game. In addition to the Pirate forces, the book contains the pirate hunters, navies from varies nations, the army and militia forces and even the native American factions that were warring against each during first third of the 18th century. This is a must-have book if you want to fully explore the full pirate part of this game.

This book adds 40 new Factions across every nation in the game!

Product Referral: Raise the Black Expansion

Blood & Plunder: Raise the Black expansion source book cover

Article by Jason Klotz

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