English Call to Arms – 2023 Summer of Plunder

English Faction Divider banner for Blood & Plunder

Hear ye! Hear ye!
Subjects of ye majestys King William and Queen Mary, your royal sovereigns’ newly appointed Lord Governor hath issued the following decree.

War with our rivals in the new world has not yet been formally decreed but ye increase in ye frequency of open hostility will not be tolerated. As of this date, the 4th of June in the year of our Lord 1692 an open call for volunteers and applicants for service both formal and private is at once desired. Commissions for the private consignment of foreign prizes may be had with the utmost convenience at ye local center of ye majestys governance. Furthermore, for ye enterprising man of lesser means, service in ye majestys Provincial regiments of foot affords ample reward for ye application of wit and exertion. Prior veterans and men of station may expect immediate advancement as befits ye knowledge and station. Those settlements that exist on the periphery of ye majestys holding are instructed to organize ye company of militia as is prudent.

English soldier minis

Duly appointed Lord Governor of ye Majestys holdings in the New World,
Sir Jaydin McKing, Earl of Argyll

Volunteers will be rewarded from the Royal treasury. Seriously, there will be prizes. Watch for forthcoming details!

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