French Call to Arms – 2023 Summer of Plunder

French Faction Divider banner for Blood & Plunder

Greetings my fellow French men, women, and variations thereupon.

We have carved out a territory for the glory of France in this new world and now it is time to defend it from the rabble. While we clearly have the superior fashion sense, cuisine, and military might our enemies are on all sides trying to take what is ours. It is time we remind them why they all call our beautiful nation “overpowered.”

I am not one to lead from the back. It is my every intention to take the field with you all as often as I can. Let our valiant courage and unending victories lead other captains to abandon lesser nations and join our cause.

Every week I will pull a random name from my tricorn to mail them a custom objective marker made by me. It is my hope these supplies will aid you in your battles and encourage you to fight all the harder. The more games you log and objectives you complete the more entries you will have entered each week. The more games logged the better your odds!

The last week of the campaign will be the big prize. I will be giving away a Bark painted by me. Every game logged for France during the campaign  will be entered into the drawing for the ship. Just like the weekly objectives the more games played the better your odds.

The despised English and the filthy Pirates are both coming into this campaign cocky and overconfident. It is time we show them who the premiere power is on this world stage.

Viva La France!


Capitaine Albatros

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