Pirate Music for Pirate Gaming

Music can enhance (or detract from) your experience playing a game like Blood & Plunder. The right music can also make your painting time more enjoyable! Here’s an interesting selection of pirate, “faux pirate,” colonial and historical music that might enhance your gaming and painting sessions for Blood & Plunder

Generic Pirate & Colonial Gaming Music Playlists

First, here’s two curated Spotify playlists, one themed for Pirate games, one themed for more Colonial games. The music in these playlists is mostly soundtracks and modern “pirate music,” but has some historical music mixed in (especially the Colonial playlist).

There are other Pirate music playlists on Spotify, but many of them have some pretty obnoxious music on them (lots of yelling/singing). But here are a couple of the biggest playlists:

Sea shanties were a thing back then, but most of the common shanties we know today are 19th or even 20th century songs. I don’t think they’re great pirate gaming music but they make great painting music.

And a generic, but pretty solid “Epic Pirate Music” playlist.

Black Sails Soundtrack

The Black Sails soundtrack has a lot of great tracks. Can’t beat that hurdy gurdy in the opening main theme!

Master and Commander Soundtrack

A universal favorite with history buffs and wargamers. Great movie and excellent and diverse soundtrack.

Pirates of the Caribbean Soundtrack

I can barely type this because I’m too much of a snob to enjoy these movies. But the soundtrack is pretty fun and is “considered piratey.” Ouch, that hurt to type….

The Last of the Mohicans Soundtrack

For your colonial games in the Northeast, this is great background music.

The New World Movie Soundtrack

I couldn’t get the playlist to display properly here, but here’s a link to the complete list and a then the first video in the playlist.

Captain Blood Soundtrack

For some old time pirate movie music, the soundtrack from 1935 Captain Blood will fit the bill.

Assassin’s Creed Sea Shanties

These aren’t authentic in origin or performance but they feel like pirate music!

Generic Nautical Adventure Music

This video has a pretty good mix of music with a one hour playtime.

Historical Blood & Plunder Music

Now we’re going down a rabbit hole! This era was a time of musical and artistic flourishing. Here are some selections of music from the 17th and 18th centuries divided by nation. This is most certainly NOT what you’re expecting when you opened this post, but you might find it interesting! This is real music from the time period!

England – Utrecht Te Deum by Handel

For you real music connoisseurs or people really serious about their history. This piece was written specifically to celebrate the Treaty of Utrecht in 1713, bringing an end to the War of Spanish Succession (and Queen Anne’s War). If you want to don your big white wig, battle the French and Spanish, and feel superior and cultured doing so, this is the music for you.

Spanish Baroque Music

For you Spanish players who want some authentic 17th/18th century music, here’s some fun selections.

Here’s a celebration song for after you’ve beaten back your godless enemy.

And some more low-key instrumental music of the period.

And here’s a selection of sacred Spanish music for the good Spanish Catholic, from Joan Baptista Cabanilles, 1644-1712.

French Instrumental Baroque Music

Just a nice selection of fancy French Baroque music. King Louis is comfy back in his palace listening to this stuff while you’re freezing your bits off in the Canadian winters.

And more stuffy French Baroque music from Francouis Couperin, 1668-1733.

Dutch Baroque Music

Here’s a nice long album of Dutch music from the late 17th/early 18th centuries.

Native American Music

Native American music is a little harder to come by but here are some options. I’m no expert on Native American music, so no guarantees here.

Here’s a basic “chill Native flute” track for painting up your warriors.

And a long playlist of “mostly legit” Iroquois music.

Final Thoughts

pirate music, key and peele
Image from crazy Keel and Peele sketch.

The right music can make your gaming or painting experience much more enjoyable! It’s not always possible to blast your favorite soundtrack while playing at a game store, but if you play your games at home, make sure to get some good music on!

Exploring the actual music of the era can help you become immersed in the history and appreciate the life and times of the men you’re commanding (to their deaths) in a new way!

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  1. Music is a must for me, however I stick with my Maritime roots and listen to Stan Rogers, Great Big Sea, the Dreadnaughts, Buddy Whatshisname and the Other Fellas, and the Real McKenzies. I 100% recommend for anyone playing a game and want something a little less serious although no less fun

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