Campaign Battle Report – The Great Swamp Fight

This is a special guest post by  by Michael Verity. These photos and the game summary were submitted as part of the Summer of Plunder Campaign and he gave us permission to publish it here.

Forces straight from the Fire on the Frontier scenario roster, the tabletop suggested terrain set up and six turns.

The scenario opens with the New England militia under Gov Josiah Winslow marching on the Indian fortified position.

Spreading out as the Narragansett tribe manned the palisade walls and the unfinished breastwork.

Turn One

Moving to under 12″ range, the trained militia battle line advances under the command of Governor Winslow. His stern eye keeps a straight line as the musket volleys roll down his formations. Several defending Indians hit from the hail of musket balls as they reply with musket or bows (three dead militia). Drilled and within 12″ removing the “hidden” special rule has lasting effect. Church leads his Indian fighters (IF) on the left palisade wall, keeps close eye on the Indians for signs of movement. Popping up, the young Braves shot arrows, one IF dies, then the return volley blasts two watching braves to the ground. On the right flank the allied Braves pop off shots at the defending Pnieses led by Canonchet himself.

Turn Two

The blue Militia rush forward to point blank range and fire their volley, rattling the warriors morale. The young Braves pop off more arrows as the IF reload under Church’s eye. Church calmly finishes the reloading process then orders another point blank volley. Musket balls sweep the parapet, the young braves have three killed, the last pup warrior flees the battlefield. In the center the trained militia finish reloading and await orders. Present… fire! Another volley into the breastwork finds more Indian dead or wounded piling up. Pressing forward the right flank allied Braves smell victory and pillage. Defending Pnieses fire, dropping two forward rushing Braves. One Strike Point for losses for the Narragansett tribe.

Turn Three

As Indian civilians flee to the rear, the arrows and musket ball fly for both sides. NE Militia reach their strike point level but know the killing blow is coming. Charging hard without reloading, the blue Militia unit storms the breastwork. With Indian muskets unloaded, the melee or brawl has both sides losing miniatures this turn. Again the battle line advances with dressed ranks. Reloading, present, fire, the green Militia unit fires into the Pnieses atop the palisade.

The nearby allied Braves advance and pour another volley into the battered Pnieses unit, losing half it’s strength. Canonchet sees the battle from above…. his warriors are struggling to stop the dense approaching English ranks. Still, there are moments… the central warriors with bows arrow storm the green Militia to death… seven hits for four killed. Wiped out.

Turn Four

The Indians are breaking from their defenses. The young Braves have died to a young man, the defending Braves with muskets die under musket clubbing blows but still kill two militiamen before the last falls. The Pnieses see the growing barrel count of muskets, flashes in touch pans, smoke, and hail of musket balls cut all down around Canonchet, standing now alone without a golden coin. He flees to the rear… fast walk in tribal lore, ordering the last unit of warrior armed with bows to fire upon the red coated militia standing outside the breastwork. But too late, his command voice lost in the shattering close range volley. A few staggering warriors stumble past Canonchet.. his command is scattered and strikes.


B. Church to Gov Winslow.
Dec 20, 1675

Victory as the New England militia rushes into the village. Report by Gov. Winslow to the colony government.


Thanks to Michael Verity for sharing this battle report. Look for a battle report video of the Great Swamp Fight on the Blood & Pigment YouTube channel on Monday! You can find this historical game scenario, along with 3 historical scenarios in the Fire on the Frontier expansion for Blood & Plunder.

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