Global Campaign Newsletter III

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World Campaign 2021: Summer of Plunder

England Rules the Waves

The first month of the campaign has ended, and after a tumultuous battle, England is the winner with an amazing 18 battles being played. Tied for second is both Spain and The Brethren of the Coast with 16 battles, with France close behind with 15 battles.

The alliance between the Brethren of the Coast and Native America have also brought Native America up to 11 entries. Unfortunately these two seem to of had a falling out, and are enemies once again.

Each governor has also been active, rewarding those that had parsed their words with valuable loot. Look forward to additional challenges from each Governor and try to find out what they want!

Check out this Video Battle from Josh Shivak.

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A word from the Aristocracy

Brave Captains of the Royal Navy, to arms!

It is known to all, though they may be reluctant to admit it, that we are the greatest sailors on the seas.

Now is the time to show that we not only have the mightiest crews but also the finest ships.

I call upon each and every one of you brave and English commanders to submit a picture of the ship you have painted that you are most proud of.

Email your entries before the end of July 16th to the campaign email and a panel of impartial judges will determine a winner.

The reward will be another ship added to your mighty fleet!

For the Crown!!!

From Lord Nate Zettle, English Commander


The Boyar’s Desk, Week III

Ahoy thar me hearties! Another wonderful week of prizes and plunder has passed, and we have lost the lead to those filthy English Dogs! This next week I want to request that those of ye who love Oak and Iron be playing games using the Brethren of the Coast or Pirates factions! Prime targets will be English fleets and vessels, but, as always, anybody who captures an intact, unspoiled treasure fleet (escort ships don’t matter, sink those for all I care unless they can be used) OR, as far as Blood and Plunder is concerned, capture an opposing Galleon (capture meaning boarding and making your opponent strike) shall be rewarded!

Shoutout for the week goes to Commodore Patric Henson! He stared down an English fleet and snatch victory through superior tactics (pictured below) ! Good job Commodore Henson!

Now, as far as contracts go, I still have contracts available for Weenie Roast and “Timber!” as well as the aforementioned Treasure Fleet/Galleon mentioned above. This week I’m adding one more contract, and I shan’t be adding anymore until one of them gets completed by a Brethren player! This week’s contract is “Why is the Rum Always Gone?” and it comes with a teensy hint: it has something to do with the “Drunk” special rule. If ye be playing a scenario that doesn’t have provisions for the rule, ask your opponent if ye can start the game with it!

England cannot be allowed to eclipse us, and I will personally be sending a bag of dog poo to the governor’s mansion to be set afire on his doorstep. We need more entries and battles! Keep an eye on the horizon, and the wind in yer!

The Boyar

From Brethren Commander Dan Carlson


Commanders of Portugal, Sweden, Denmark, and Scotland

Have you wanted to represent these noble Nations in Oak & Iron but been stymied by the lack of rules? I recently played a game using some homebrew Danish rules, and I wanted to share them:


Tenacious: At the end of the Initiative Phase remove one fatigue from each of your ships with 3 or more fatigue.

Royal Guard: Increase the Crew Value of the Flagship by the Admiral Value.

I don’t have any unique admirals or initiative cards for the Danish, but these rules can let you play as the Danish in Oak & Iron for the campaign.

Do you have any ideas for Native American, Portuguese, Swedish, or Scotish Oak & Iron rules? It would be rewarding to write them down and playtest them, and then let this campaign know.

Swedish Commander Guy Rheuark


Photo Credit: Max Beck


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  1. Commander Rheuark, I’m very interested in the idea of Scottish rules, but I learned that the Scottish navy became partbof the British fleet in 1707, do you think this would disclude the Scottish from the campaign?

    • I appreciate your concern, however this global campaign is set in the year 1690, before the Acts of Union.

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