Firelock Terrain – Village Bundle

This post is long overdue! It’s been more than a year since Firelock Games came out with a line of resin terrain. I’ve had them painted for months but just haven’t got them up here on the blog. Let’s take a look at the 4 pieces of terrain included in the Village Bundle.

The four pieces in the set include a Square House, Thatched House, Tiled House and a Farmed Field. The price for the set is $89.99 which is a $9 savings compared to buying all 4 pieces separately.

Let’s look at the Square House First.

This structure is exactly 4″ square (just how a structure should be in Blood & Plunder!), has a large window on 3 sides and a door on the fourth side.

There are bricks peeking out from under the stucco finish. The terra cotta roof removes for easy access to the inside.

The inside is plan and doesn’t have any detail but its clean and there are no unsightly areas.

The windows are pretty large making it easy to set up units shooting through them.

I really like this building but I have one tiny issue I found with it. One half of the roof is molded upside down with the tiles layered on the wrong way!

It’s not a big deal. You won’t notice unless you look for it and it won’t matter once it’s on the table but I found it funny.

The Tiles House is very close to the Square House. Instead of 4×4″, this smaller house measures 4×3″.

This building only has windows on 2 sides instead of 3 in the larger building. Even at 3×4″, you can still fit plenty of models inside.

The windows don’t have the nice shutters outside and there are no bricks showing through the stucco.

The Thatched House is the same size (4×3″) but its more impressive than the Tiled House since the roof is much higher.

Just like the Tiled House, the Thatched House has two windows, a door, and the roof lifts off.

I found this one a little harder to paint since the texture is so deep in the thatch. It was difficult to get paint down into all the little cracks!

I like using this building for a fortified building just because it looks sturdy,

Without the stucco finish, this building fits in better in a North American setting as well as the Caribbean.

The last piece in the Village Bundle is the Farmed Field. You can see a whole post on the Farmed Field here so I won’t spend too long on it.

Measuring 5.5×5.5″, this piece covers a good bit of the board.

It’s an unusual and valuable piece of terrain because it can be counted as Rough Terrain (-1″ movement) but doesn’t provide any cover. Unless you dress it up fancy with corn or other large plants!

This piece is cheap enough you can pick up a couple and have a nice large terrain feature on your board for just $20. They are easy to paint but obviously rather boring to work on…

Here’s the Farmed Field prototypes on a tournament board at GenCon in 2018.

Final Thoughts

This is a great set of terrain. The casts are nice and the resin is great to work with and the detail is all there. The main weakness of this set of terrain for me is the price point. At $29 per structure, I find these pretty expensive.

Since designing and releasing these resin buildings, Firelock has teamed up with 4Ground to make a lot of terrain including some similar structures. The 4Ground buildings probably more work in spite of being “pre painted,” but overall, I think I prefer the functionality, size and look of the 4Ground buildings over the Firelock ones.

4Ground building on the Left and Firelock building on the Right.

At a similar size, the 4Ground houses are cheaper. One of the smaller Port of Plunder houses costs $16 compared to $29 for a Firelock house. Resin is nicer and costs more so that makes sense but for terrain, I’m fine with mdf.

You can get a 3 house set of 4Ground houses that are much larger and more interesting for gameplay for $73 compared to $90 for this set. Can’t beat that mdf price! But you should probably get both. You know you should.

The variety in this set is nice. With these four pieces you can reasonably set up a land or amphibious table if you have some complimentary natural area terrain.

Thanks for reading!

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