4 thoughts on “Painting Large Models Video

  1. What primer do you recommend for the ships? I’ve tried Krylon, Gunze, and Tamiya – they all chip and Do Not adhere to the resin at all. I have a Brigantine I’m half afraid to handle because of this.

    • I use Army Painter and lately I’ve been using Vallejo and it’s been doing really well. But those large smooth railings have still chipped occasionally. Are you spraying a protective coat over the ship when it’s done?

      • I’ll try those 2 primers. The entire ship gets covered in a layer of either Testors Dullcote or Tamiya Flat, both from rattle can. When it chips, it chips in chunks. I’ll try the other primers and will text you a pic of chips on the ship since I can’t attach an image here.

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