Completed European Sailor Musketeers

I finished my first unit of European Sailor Musketeers! I don’t think I’ll be using this type of model a whole lot in my games, but it can be nice to equip a unit of Sea Dogs or European Sailors with muskets for some more ranged firepower.

These models are pretty easy to paint up. I used a simple and narrow color palette which I know looks too “uniform” but I plan to paint up another 2-4 units so I will be able to mix and match and they won’t look to much the same on the table.

Painting with a limited color palette really increases speed so I was able to get these guys finished in just a couple short sessions. I was lazy and used some of the same color combinations I used on the set of Enter Ploeg I just finished.

Next on my table is a couple units of African Warriors I plan to put together a quick painting guide for. My plan is to try several different shades of dark skin tone to get some variety and decide on what I want to use for the rest of my Africans.

Thanks for reading!

Update 6/2019

Painted another set using heavy browns for use as Indian Fighters and Engages

All 8 together. I want to paint at least another 4.

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