Completed Fluyt

It’s been a long process but I finally completed my Fluyt tonight. These big ships are major projects! I have a chance to play a 350 point sea game this weekend so I focused on getting this ship finished this week. Up to this point a Brigantine is the largest ship I’ve used (I have a Frigate but I haven’t built it yet).

49 models on board.

It’s hard to see them with all the messy background here, but I added a few extra lines beyond what the rigging guide suggested.

fluyts guide

I added an additional line from the bowsprit to the foremast and two extra lines from the foremast to the mainmast and one extra line from the mainmast to the lateen on the mizzenmast. 

For 350 points, I can fully equip the Fluyt with 54 models, medium cannons, 3 Master Gunners, a Carpenter, a Son of Neptune and Grapeshot. The decks can’t really hold much more.

I didn’t do anything fancy on the back of the forecastle but I think this looks just fine. It’s not nation-specific so I can use it for any faction.

Fighting Tops!

You can balance a couple models up in the the rigging with the pieces provided, but I understand the Firelock is releasing some removable fighting tops that will make it easier to put models in the rigging.

I have been using thin craft foam for my sails but I decided I didn’t like the stark white so I switched to some textured ivory scrapbook paper for my sails this time. I used a pen to add stitching a some detail on the sail cloth and I’m pretty happy with. The heavy paper was easy work with.

Full decks.

I plan to run this ship in a 350 point game this weekend and I’ll be sure to write up a battle report.

The Fluyt felt like a major project but the Galleon is much larger! I think I need a break before I jump in on another large ship.

I plan to finish another set of European Soldiers, the Ship’s Pilot and a few more Natives before I start another ship.

Have you used a Fluyt in battle yet? How did it work for you? The decks are smaller than I thought which means I can’t use really large units. I’m interested in seeing how it plays against the Light Frigate.

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