Fire on the Frontier Review with OnTableTop

The folks at OnTableTop recently did an interview about Fire on the Frontier with Mike, Liam, and Joseph. You can watch the 47 minute video on YouTube here or in the video below. Topics include chatting about the new material in the book, the research process, the design process, favorite new elements and a … Continue reading Fire on the Frontier Review with OnTableTop

Completed Legendary Benjamin Church Model

By Joseph Forster I just got the new model for the Legendary English commander from Fire on the Frontier painted up and I wanted to share some pics and some history. Benjamin Church had a long and impressive career leading colonial forces against both Native Americans and the French through King Philip's War, King William's … Continue reading Completed Legendary Benjamin Church Model

Faction Overview – Morgan’s Buccaneers

By Joseph Forster Legendary Commanders each get their own custom faction in Blood & Plunder and these factions, while being less flexible than many of the more generic factions, offer some of the most interesting and (often) powerful force rules in the game. In this post we will look at the Morgan's Buccaneer's faction which … Continue reading Faction Overview – Morgan’s Buccaneers