“Vane’s Escape from Nassau” – Adepticon 2024 Event

Firelock Games and Blood & Pigment will be offering a large selection of events for Blood & Plunder at 2024 Adepticon. In addition to 2 tournaments, organized free play times, and learn-to-play sessions, there will be three major Narrative Scenarios using the multiplayer rules. These are large-scale, spectacle events with 6 players per table can be some of the most memorable experiences available at a convention without the pressure of tournament competition. In this article, we’ll discuss the details of the “Vane’s Escape from Nassau” event cod Blood & Plunder.

Blood & Plunder ships arranged in the harbor

Vane’s Escape from Nassau – Time and Place

This will be the last Blood & Plunder narrative event at the con, starting at 9 a.m. on Saturday, March 23rd. The event will be in the standard Blood & Plunder gaming area in the Hyatt Regency Hotel, 1800 E Golf Rd, Schaumburg, IL 60173. Please note that all historical miniature games are at the secondary locationNOT the main convention center with the vendor hall. Free shuttles are available and run every 15 minutes or so.

Required Experience Level

You will have the most fun if you’ve had a little experience before jumping into a big game like this. But if you’re OK getting “pushed around a little” and learning the rules on the fly, you can participate in these events as learning games. If you haven’t played before or need a loaner list, just mention that when registering for the event below so we can be prepared with a force for you.

Vane’s Escape from Nassau – Scenario Details

This will be an exciting sea battle, pitting 3 desperate pirate players against 3 British players. One of the main features of the scenario will be a fireship that has just been launched at the blockading British ships anchored in Nassau harbor. The scenario glorifies the history, giving more opportunities for the players to fight while retaining the spirit of what really happened.

The battle will be played out on a 6×4 Sea gaming board with 3 sides being impassable, representing the constricts of the bay/channel. The setting of the scenario will take place at night, with the two British ships starting anchored and in formation, blockading the exit. There will be some element of surprise for the British, and terror as the Fireship approaches. The British will have to cut anchor cables and try to get underway before the fireship strikes, and hopefully bring their powerful cannons to bear against the oncoming pirate ships. The pirates’ have small ships with light cannons or none at all, but they are armed to the teeth and ready to board, and try to take the British Frigates.

Scenario objectives will be fairly simple for quick and decisive convention play. Strike Tests will not knock out players in this scenario, but victory conditions will be evaluated at the end of the allotted time or at the end of turn 6. You can find full details on the scenario here.

Suggested Force Lists for Vane’s Escape from Nassau

Each side will include 650 points worth of ships and models, split into 3 forces each, under one “general” per side. Ideally, players will bring either Pirate or British/English forces. Our basic level of forces here is 200 points, so you can possibly bring your tournament forces to this event, but the British side can benefit from some trickier force building to give them the proper feel for this scenario. You may also play a different European power (Spanish, French, Dutch, Portuguese) on the British side if that’s what you will have with you at the convention.

The Pirate lists are pretty simple. Pirate players should bring 200-point forces in 2-deck ships. The Flying Gang is the most appropriate faction, but Golden Age Pirates are great as well, and anything with the Pirate flavor is okay. It would be optimal for there to be one force led by Charles Vane per table. Vane’s force will also include a 50-point size 2-3 fireship.

Blood & Plunder Pirates aboard Bermuda Sloops sail for the British blockade.

Examples of Pirate Forces

1st Player

  • General Vane’s List
    (40 models 250pts)
  • The Flying Gang
  • Charles Vane 18
  • 10 Pirates 30
    • Add Buccaneer Guns 10
  • 12 Sea Dogs w/o pistols 36
  • 9 Jamaican Privateers 36
  • Bermuda Sloop 13
    • Reinforced Bulkheads 3
  • 3 Pairs Light Cannons 21
  • 8 Swivel Guns 8
  • 4 Jamaican Privateers 16
    • Boatswain 3
  • 4 Sea Dogs w/o pistols 12
  • Brigantine Fireship 16
  • Longboat 3

2nd Player

  • Rackham’s Ship
    (33 models, 199pts)
  • The Flying Gang
  • Jack Rackham 8
  • 10 Pirates 30
    • Add Buccaneer Guns 10
  • 10 Sea Dogs w/o pistols 30
  • 6 Jamaican Privateers 24
    • Anne Bonny 3
  • 6 Roundsmen 36
    • Mary Read 3
    • 1 Firepot 2
  • Bermuda Sloop 13
    • Reinforced Bulkheads 3
  • 4 Swivel Guns
  • 3 Pairs Light Cannons 21

3rd Player

  • Generic Pirate Sloop
    (35 models, 200pts)
  • Experience Standard Pirate Commander 10
  • 12 Jamaican Privateers 48
    • 1 Firepot 2
  • 12 Sea Dogs w/o Pistols 36
    • Master Gunner 4
  • 10 Pirates 30
    • Add Buccaneer Guns 10
  • Sloop 14
  • 3 Pairs Medium Guns 30
  • 4 Swivel Guns 16

The British also need to total of 650 points, but their forces are a little more complex. They need to be split into 3 companies but ideally only in 2 larger ships. British Forces should be one of the following:

  • 200pt British Royal Navy or British Privateers in Light Frigate or comparable 3-deck ship
  • 300pt British Royal Navy or British Privateers in 6th Rate Frigate
  • 150 British Militia force that includes Woodes Rogers. This force will be in the 6th rate, but will not include a ship of its own.
Smoke on the larboard side of a British light frigate
An English frigate fires cannons at its enemies in a Blood & Plunder sea battle

Examples of British Forces

  • Player 1
    (33 models, 154pts)
  • British Militia
  • Woodes Rogers 32
  • 8 English Militia 24
  • 8 English Militia 24
  • 6 English Militia 18
  • 8 Regulars 56
  • Player 2
    (49 models, 301pts)
  • British Royal Navy
  • Experience Standard British Commander 10
    (Commodore Peter Chamberlaine)
  • 12 Sea Dogs w/o Pistols 36
    • Master Gunner
  • 10 Sea Dogs w/o Pistols 30
  • 10 Sea Dogs w/o Pistols 30
  • 8 Sea Dogs w/o Pistols 24
  • 8 Able Seamen 48
  • 6th Rate Frigate 26
    (HMS Milford)
  • 9 Pairs of Light Cannons 63
  • 3 Pairs of Medium Cannons 30
  • Player 3
    (33 models, 198pts
  • British Royal Navy
  • Experience Standard British Commander 10
  • 12 Sea Dogs w/o Pistols 36
  • 7 Sea Dogs w/o Pistols 21
  • 7 Sea Dogs w/o Pistols 21
  • 6 Trained Able Seamen 30
  • Light Frigate 21
    (HMS Rose)
  • 3 Pairs of Light Cannons 21
  • 3 Pairs of Medium Cannons 30
  • 2 Swivel Guns 8

Basically, the British need 2 larger ships with lots of cannons, and one of those ships will have an infantry contingent on it as the 3rd company. Event organizers will provide the 300pt 6th rates for all 3 tables.

The Fireship

Charles Vane’s fireship is the centerpiece of the scenario and should cause some good panic within the British ship. This ship will have some special rules (revealed on game day) that will make it especially dangerous when it collides with other ships.

A Blood & Plunder fireship collides with it’s target

Registering for the Vane’s Escape from Nassau Event

You will need to register for the event on the Adepticon website, but we would really appreciate it if you could register here with us as well!

If you provide some details on the force you intend to bring or if you might need a loaner force for the event, we can prepare much more efficiently and help everyone have a great event!

Charles Vane’s Escape from Nassau – Adepticon 2024
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