Sloop Wars: Volume 3 Video

Sloop Wars Volume 3 is live on YouTube. This series of full length gameplay videos is designed to help new and intermediate players of Blood & Plunder get familiar with the basic flow of the game. Not every choice and rule is explained, but by watching a game being played out by players familiar with the rules, you can learn a lot about how Blood & Plunder works.

In this series, we’re using the hard plastic sloop models found in the 2 player Blackbeard vs. Maynard Starter Box. In Volume 1, we played out a battle with 100 points lists, featuring a Native American and British Faction. In Sloop Wars, Volume 2, we play 150 point Dutch and French forces. In Volume 3, we feature a Spanish and a Pirate force at 200 points.

The scenario is Encounter with some island terrain that ends up influencing the game a lot. The real test in this game is pitting a cannon-build against a swivel gun-build. Both styles of forces are very strong in the “meta” at the moment. Which do you think will prevail in this game?

At 200 points, this video is pretty long, so don’t feel bad about skipping around a bit, or focusing on the intro and post game discussion.

Thanks for watching!

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