Blood and Plunder Exclusives and Special Releases

By Bryan Longoria

If you’re new to Blood and Plunder you may not know about the exclusive figures floating around out there. Here’s a quick round up of exclusive miniatures to date.

Howard Pyle

The Howard Pyle exclusive miniature was the 35k stretch goal from the  original Blood and Plunder Kickstarter. It’s the perfect miniature to use as an officer or marksman to distinguish it in your squad. Every once and a while, this figure will pop back up as a con exclusive.

This miniature was inspired by an illustration titled “The Buccaneer was a Picturesque Fellow, from Howard Pyle’s Book of Pirates, of which, Pyle was the author and illustrator. Although there is little visual record of what pirates actually wore, Pyle is attributed to creating the iconic pirate look adopted by Hollywood.

2016 Kickstarter Alternate Pose Miniatures

Rivero De Pardal Alternate Pose

This notorious RDP miniature, often referred to as Rivy Two Guns by nobody but me, is an alternate pose 65k stretch goal from the original Blood and Plunder Kickstarter. It has been known to resurface from time to time as an con or sale exclusive.

English Commander & Unique Character

Another miniature from the original Blood and Plunder Kickstarter, you can still get this alternate pose, 140k stretch-goal miniature of the English Commander on the Blood and Plunder websiteBUY IT.

Spanish Commander & Unique Character

Another stretch-goal (155k) miniature from the Blood and Plunder Kickstarter, you can still get this alternate pose English Commander on the Blood and Plunder websiteBUY IT.

Henry Morgan Exclusive Kickstarter Figure

This alternate pose of HenMo features the iconic Henry Morgan pose, popularized by the cultural phenomenon the was the Captain Morgan marketing campaign from 2004. Rum and Pirates, who figured (no pun intended)?

2018 No Peace Beyond the Line (NPBTL) Exclusives

Blood & Plvnder 17th Century Expansion Book

The Blood & Plvnder 17th Century expansion book was a limited run Kickstarter pledge upgrade. It’s an embossed, hard-bound leatherette book with gold foil lettering, metal corner guards and thick textured pages. The book includes the latest version of the core rule book and NPBTL expansion. This book is hearty – it’s big enough to hollow out and store a bark, or four longboats, but you wouldn’t want to do that (Right?). BUY IT.

Disguised Female Sailor

This limited figure was a NPBTL auto-include for “The Crew” pledge level and higher. The ‘Lady Pyrate’ figure is prominently shown in the special characters section of NPBTL as the ‘Son of Neptune’ character. It’s a perfect model to use as a designated special character.


This NPBTL 50k stretch goal consists of 3 Doubloon-styled metals coins to use as fortune coins.

Special Characters

NPTL featured four stretch goal miniatures that were bundled together and currently sold as the civilian special characters pack on Firelock Games’ website. These miniatures include the Captured Merchant, Spy, Ship’s Pilot and Local Guide. All of these models have corresponding  upgrade characters in the NPBTL expansion. Buy it.

Monkey Statue

Last but not least, the Monkey Statue Kickstarter exclusive model was the 220k stretch goal . Perhaps the most elusive and exalted of all exclusive Blood and Plunder miniatures, the monkey statue is affectionately referred to as the Blunder Monkey – it has a cult following and it’s own Facebook page.

2020 Organized Play Exclusive Miniatures

As part of the 2020 Organized Play content, these OP exclusive figures were meant to support the Blood and Plunder expansion content: The Buccaneer’s Companion Vol. 1. These models were meant to be used as special characters with the expansion content. The model pointing with the rifle is the historic commander, Bartholomew Sharp. The model with the spear is the Unknown African character, and the other model can be used for the other 9 characters.

The OP kit includes the 3 figures and six historic commander cards: Bartholomew Sharp, John Coxon, Richard Sawkins, Peter Harris, John Watling and Edmund Cook.

These OP miniatures are also perfect for running as designated special characters and any of the many commanders listed in the game. The Unknown African commander is especially useful as there isn’t a lot of variety of exclusive figures for the Native faction.

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