Blood & Pigment Design-a-Pirate Contest

We're excited to announce a new contest here at Blood & Pigment! For this event we're asking players to design and submit their own custom historical Commanders or Characters. We're calling this a Design-a-Pirate contest but it covers more than just pirates. We're looking for fan-made designs for commanders and characters for any and all … Continue reading Blood & Pigment Design-a-Pirate Contest

Michiel de Ruyter Painted Miniature – Dutch Commander

Michiel de Ruyter was a renowned Dutch admiral who played a significant role in naval battles during the 17th century. His mastery of tactics and strategy led him to numerous victories, earning him the respect and admiration of his contemporaries. And while it is unfortunate, that he isn't currently included in Blood & Plunder (so … Continue reading Michiel de Ruyter Painted Miniature – Dutch Commander