Disaster in the Caribbean! Earthquake Leaves Jamaica in Ruins!

[The following is COMPLETELY FICTIONAL and has no actual historical accuracy.  It is 100% for entertainment purposes.]

Earthquake at Port-Royal in Jamaica news article
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Historic Disaster of Epic Proportions Strikes Jamaica

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Anchor: Good evening, breaking news from the Caribbean tonight as a powerful earthquake rocks the island of Jamaica. In a catastrophic event, the entire region was been devastated by the tremors. I’m Bo Gussman, and this is News Channel 6, bringing you the latest on this unfolding disaster. Let’s go to Rue Moremil for more info.

Reporter: That’s right, Bo. At 11:43 am local time the city of Port Royal, Jamaica was hit by a powerful magnitude 7.7 earthquake. The earthquake reduced the beaches to liquid sand causing large swaths of the harbor to collapse into deeper water. Moments after the earthquake, the rest of the town sees tsunamis wash upon ninety percent of the buildings in the city.

Anchor: Indeed. It is a tragedy of immense proportions. The once-vibrant and bustling port city of Port Royal, known as the “Wickedest City on Earth,” now lies in ruins. Reports say ruptures in the ground began, swallowing entire buildings and streets into the depths of the sea. The loss of property is enormous, but more importantly, estimates currently stand to be over 2000 souls missing.

Reporter: Relief ships and volunteers are working tirelessly to rescue survivors and offer aid to those in need. But the scale of destruction poses significant challenges to relief efforts. We’ve also received word that neighboring Caribbean islands have dispatched help and resources to assist in the rescue and recovery operations.

Anchor: That’s right, Rue. Despite the selfish nature of many in the region, survivors and neighboring regions are coming together in a show of solidarity to support the people of Port Royal during this trying time. As authorities continue to assess the situation, we urge residents to prioritize their safety and seek shelter in safe areas.

Reporter: Members of the Jamaica Council declared: “We are become by this an instance of God Almighty’s severe judgment.”  Regardless of the cause, the colonial administrator of Jamaica, Juan Blanco, has declared a state of emergency, mobilizing all available resources to address the crisis. The impact of this earthquake is unprecedented, not only in terms of infrastructure damage but also in terms of its emotional toll on the affected communities.

Anchor: Our hearts go out to the people of Jamaica as they face the aftermath of this devastating earthquake. We will continue to provide updates on the situation as more information becomes available. For now, we encourage everyone to stay tuned to News Channel 6 for the latest developments and information on how you can help support the relief efforts.

Reporter: That’s right, Bo. We’ll be here, bringing you updates on this tragic event as often as slow ships show up with rumors, scuttlebutt and half-truths, back to you.

Anchor: Thank you, Rue. And once again, to our viewers, we extend our thoughts and prayers to the people of Jamaica during this difficult time.

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“Historic drawing of Port Royal Jamaica’s earthquake”
photo by http://historysstory.blogspot.com/2017/

What Does This Mean for the Global Campaign?

The map location for Jamaica has been completely destroyed and removed from the game. It will no longer generate Victory Points in Week 8 or 9 and be worth zero points at the end of the game.

The port will continue to exist on the Campaign Map, but is shifting to an “UNALIGNED” location with a value of zero for the rest of the Campaign.

Campaign Map - Jamaica now Unaligned

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