Completed Heavy Cannons

I just finished a second pair of Heavy Cannons and I thought I’d post up a couple pictures.

These cannons are impressively large. The Medium Cannons seemed pretty big before but these heavies dwarf the them. It’s a good thing too because two heavies cost as much as six medium cannons! I have to say the level of detail and molding is noticeably nicer on these larger cannons.

I painted up the pair on the left right after they came out and I recently finished the pair on the right which I made to look nice and new.

Weathered set.

Fancy new set.

Here’s a shot of the Heavy cannon compared to the Medium, Light, and Medium Field Gun.

With a crew.

I’m not sure I’d ever load the stone tower fort with 4 Heavy Cannons but I can do it now if I want to!

Light, Medium and Heavy Cannons compared again. The Light Cannon looks like a toy compared to these big guys.

My paint schemes are pretty simple. Steel for the barrels shaded with Nuln Oil and highlighted with Duraluminum, Terracota for the carriage and Chocolate Brown for the wheels, studded with Steel. Nuln Oil for weathering and you’re good!

For this second set I mixed a little German Grey in with the Steel for the barrels but I think I like the other version better. I just used a Flat Red for the carriage with some light weathering. I like the high contrast but they do look awfully new.

I have one more set of Heavies aready to paint and then I’ll be ready to fill up the open gun deck on that 6th Rate Frigate when it’s released!